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31 10, 2008

FAQ: Buying Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Is Easy and Works

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Have a question about how it all works, your account, or our company? Check out our extensive log of frequently asked questions. Still don't see what you are looking for? Contact us here. Account Questions | Wind Power Questions | Carbon Offset Questions | Renewable Choice Account Questions How do I purchase wind power?» We've [...]

31 10, 2008

Glossary: Renewable Energy, Carbon Offsets, Sustainability, Eco Living

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In the clean technology and energy industries, the lingo can get a little confusing. We've put together this glossary to help familiarize you with key terms you'll see here and on related websites so that you can better understand and share with your friends why renewable energy credits and carbon offsets work. Glossary: additionality» Additionality [...]

26 10, 2008

Bundle Offsets

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Let’s face it: It’s hard to live a modern life without burning fossil fuels. Every day we make choices that cause carbon dioxide pollution, the leading cause of climate change. By supporting wind power development and other forms of carbon reduction, your purchase of a Choice Bundle for yourself or as a gift helps leave [...]

26 10, 2008

All Products

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Please note, just don't copy the below. Make sure URLs are entered into MODx templates as: https://[*foxycart_store*] Products With pre-selected Rewards: - each reward is "consumer fulfillment" requirement in Salesforce Auto Offset Commuter Subscription Add to cart Auto Offset Wanderer Subscription Add to cart Auto Offset Traveler Subscription Add to cart Auto Offset Explorer Subscription [...]

19 10, 2008

Environmental Blog, Renewable Energy, Carbon Offsets and News

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16 10, 2008

Green-e Energy Certified RECs and ERT Verified Carbon Offsets Here

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Renewable Choice is committed to delivering products that provide real, quantifiable, transparent offsets. As a result, Renewable Choice has been a leader in developing and implementing verification and certification standards in the renewable energy credit and carbon offset industries. We are proud to work with the leading U.S. third-party organizations working to maintain high standards [...]

16 10, 2008

Our Partners: Corporate Sustainability Leaders in Renewable Energy

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Renewable Choice works with forward-thinking businesses of all sizes to help them reduce their environmental impact and engage stakeholders and consumers. We are particularly proud of the strong relationships we have forged with the industry leaders listed here who have generously partnered with us to promote the benefits of wind power all across the country [...]