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30 11, 2008

The Tree House: London's Pioneering Zero-Carbon House

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Will Anderson was studying for an MA in energy and sustainable design when he began his ambitious self-build, zero-carbon home in Clapham, south London, in 2004. It was completed in 2006 and is a prime example of best practice in green building. His Diary of an Eco-builder catalogues the whole building process and the architecturally [...]

30 11, 2008

Buy Local or Buy Nothing?

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Shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, a.k.a. "Black Friday," means you'll probably be waiting in line, sitting in traffic or dealing with "competitive" shoppers on a quest for this year's it item. (If you're reading this from abroad perhaps you might substitute "Boxing Day" for "Thanksgiving".) Those who are deliberately deciding to skip Black Friday [...]

30 11, 2008

Obama Embraces Green Collar Stimulus

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$100 billion for green jobs. Billion! The Associated Press reports plans for a massive new green-collar federal stimulus package: Obama has also embraced calls for a "green jobs" program that invests as much as $100 billion in projects to slash harmful emissions. This could include projects such as retrofitting buildings to make them more energy-efficient, [...]

26 11, 2008

Ideal Bite: Tupperware Party Pooper

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What should you do when Thanksgiving dinner's over? The Bite Recover from your food coma, then store the leftovers in healthy containers. Disposable storage materials are piling up in landfills faster than you can say "ziplock," and toxins in plastic are no fiesta, so reduce your daily polymer intake by using safer storers. Party on. [...]

26 11, 2008

Valley Forge Gets Green & Promotes Green Art Fair

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Valley Forge Fabrics is helping promote the Green Art Fair Miami 2008 that is coming up. The fair is on December 2-7 and brings together galleries, art collectors and art lovers to explore the art scene and learn about green practices. It’ll be a place to hear about sustainable practices and eco-friendly processes that are [...]

26 11, 2008

Eco Gifts of Carbon Offsets and Wind Power Starting at $5

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Environmental holiday gifts have never been easier. Choose from among our many renewable energy and carbon offset gifts below to help reduce the environmental impact of your friends, family, and colleagues while introducing them to how easy it can be to go green. All gifts are offered as an attractive certificate you print or email, [...]

25 11, 2008

Google’s Renewable Energy Proposal

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Google has become a synonymous with information and answers. It has become a verb that we use on a daily basis. But do you know that Google is also in the renewable energy industry? Do you know about and its five major initiatives, one of which is to ‘Develop Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal’? [...]

25 11, 2008

Ideal Bite: Upper Crust in Coats

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Looking for a warm outer mantle for the winter? The Bite Bundle up in the Earth's top layers: sustainably made with eco-materials. These coats for the ladies keep you feeling toasty and looking hot like magma. The Benefits •    Core pieces for your closet. Everyone needs a good coat; these options aren't the cheapest, but [...]