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28 02, 2009

@IdealBite – Rest In Peace

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Are chems gonna disrupt your eternal sleep? The Bite: Over your dead body they will, if you opt for an eco-burial. Toxic chems and non-eco coffins might be typical graveyard fare, but for Biters who wanna rest easier, eco-burial's the natural way to go. The Benefits: A less-toxic legacy. Eco-burials don't involve embalming, which uses [...]

28 02, 2009


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From lighter weight bottles and more efficient brewing, wine-making and distilling processes to renewable energy and carbon offsets, companies in the beer, wine and spirits industry are gaining a competitive advantage and contributing to a more sustainable world by greening their operations. Renewable Choice helps companies their impact with renewable energy credits and carbon offsets [...]

28 02, 2009

Higher Education

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Colleges and universities have always been at the forefront of the environmental movement.By conducting and publishing environmental research, educating students, and initiating campussustainability efforts at the demands of stakeholders, higher education has long demonstrated itsleadership in this critical area. One of the single most effective ways for a campus to mitigate its environmental impact isby [...]

28 02, 2009

Green Building

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Catalyzed by the growing demand for LEED® certified projects, the green building industry has become a driving force in making our built environment more sustainable through environmentally sound products and services. Whether your company is certifying its products to meet emerging carbon neutrality standards or taking steps to reduce its overall environmental impact, Renewable Choice [...]

28 02, 2009


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An early adopter of purchasing green power, the ski industry has set the benchmark for how companies and entire industries can support renewable energy generation, reduce their impact and benefit their image. Renewable Choice has been the largest provider of renewable energy for the ski industry since 2006, helping leading resorts, retailers and manufacturers with [...]

28 02, 2009


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From soy based inks and recycled content to renewable energy and carbon offsets, printing companies across America are gaining a competitive advantage by greening their printing. Renewable Choice helps printers reduce their environmental impact with renewable energy and carbon offsets while providing industry-leading marketing support to extend and communicate this commitment. Extend Value Forward-thinking businesses [...]

28 02, 2009


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American Wind is Renewable Choice’s signature portfolio, supporting wind farms across the United States. Often these wind farms are located in rural areas, supplementing agricultural incomes and promoting local development. American Wind also supports small-scale distributed wind facilities, helping promote a diversified energy infrastructure. American Wind is certified by Green-e Energy®, the nation’s leading third-party [...]

27 02, 2009

Power Shift '09 Brings Climate and Energy Issues to D.C.

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Starting today, thousands of youth leaders across the U.S. are converging on Washington D.C. to demand more rigorous clean energy policy, climate change reduction efforts, and green jobs as part of a weekend-long event called Power Shift '09. A spin-off of the Campus Climate Challenge, this event includes four-day conference with an agenda that includes [...]

27 02, 2009

Smart-Grid Technology Optimizes Use of Renewables

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Denmark generates one-fifth of its electricity with renewable technologies, and now a joint Danish-IBM research project is trying to maximize the use of this power, specifically wind power, to charge electric vehicles. Using smart-grid technology, the project hopes to address the challenges of integrating intermittent power sources such as wind and solar into the electric [...]

26 02, 2009

@IdealBite – Chaps Be Gone

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Lips feel like worn leather? The Bite: Use eco lip balm on your next prairie rustle. While conventional balms are made with petroleum (yep, that petroleum), plant-based options are now widely available and will rescue your parched pucker lickety-split. Now ride. The Benefits: Being healthy as a horse. Researchers have linked impurities in petrolatum (a [...]