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31 08, 2009

Ongoing Performance of LEED Green Buildings

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According to a recent press release from the USGBC, the ongoing performance of buildings is going to be getting a lot more attention moving forward, as they begin to implement what they are calling their Building Performance Initiative. The intent of the BPI, in the USGBC's words, is to "put in place a comprehensive data [...]

28 08, 2009

A Hot Mess – From @IdealBite

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A Hot MessThe Bite:Does your oven look worse for the wear? Clean up its act, since ovens caked with last month's casserole drippings cook less efficiently. Just opt for a cleaner that works without caustic ingredients and without you having to fire up the self-cleaning option, which uses a ton of energy. Sizzlin'.The Benefits: A [...]

28 08, 2009

Chapel of Love – From @IdealBite

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Chapel of LoveThe Bite:Goin' to the chapel...but not gonna get married? You might need a wedding gift, then. More weddings happen in September than any other month, so check out our list of matrimony-appropriate, budget-conscious green gifts (all under $30) to help you doo-wop do it right.The Benefits: Saying "I Do" to planet-friendly gifts. Our [...]

28 08, 2009

A Grocery Star Is Born – From @IdealBite

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A Grocery Star Is BornThe Bite:Are your fruits and veggies blessed with good genes? Peel your eyes off the silver screen and check the number on the little label on your apple or squash. It'll help you make sure what you're buying is organic and nongenetically modified. Kind of a big deal.The Benefits: World-famous health [...]

28 08, 2009


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An Overview of Renewable Energy Credits for Businesses   Introduction to RECs from Renewable Choice on Vimeo. Having trouble viewing this video? Above-average load time? View here instead.     NEXT STEPS Contact your area Sales Representative for free one-on-one advising Use our Free Business Carbon Calculator to learn more about your impact Read more [...]

27 08, 2009

In the Hair Tonight – From @IdealBite

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In the Hair TonightThe Bite:Been waiting for greener hair styling tools all your li-ife? Oh lord, yes. From low-energy dryers to sustainable wood brushes, get your Phil right here.The Benefits: A planetary hit. Draining less power and utilizing greener-than-average materials such as bamboo and non-PVC plastic, these products show that a good hair day doesn't [...]

26 08, 2009

Sustainability Webinar: RECs & Carbon Offsets

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Join us for an in-depth look at how renewable energy credits (RECs) work, and how carbon offsets, aka verified emission reductions (VERs), make a difference on Wednesday, September 2 during our free sustainability webinar. Renewable energy growth is supported by a number of factors. Renewable energy credits and carbon offsets are a key factor for [...]

25 08, 2009

An Application a Day… – From @IdealBite

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An Application a Day...The Bite:Wanna keep the doc away? Bite into the best new smartphone (B-Berry, iPhone...) apps to make your life healthier, more convenient, and don't even have to compost any cores when you're finished.The Benefits: Many green varieties. These apps help you shop, get around, eat, and play greener. Most are as [...]

24 08, 2009

Green-e Energy Information on RECs

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When a renewable energy facility operates, it creates electricity that is delivered into a vast network of transmission wires, often referred to as “the grid.”  The grid is segmented into regional power pools; in many cases these pools are not interconnected. To help facilitate the sale of renewable electricity nationally, a system was established that [...]

21 08, 2009

Deck the Residence Halls: College Week – From @IdealBite

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Deck the Residence Halls: College WeekThe Bite:Little too early for boughs of holly? Of course. But students can still deck out their rooms with stuff that saves energy, is made from earth-friendlier materials, and looks hotter than a blazing Yule.The Benefits: Being jolly about good-lookin' digs. 'Tis a greener way to spruce up any pad. [...]