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29 10, 2009

September Sleuth Challenge Winners

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The Winners: Congratulations to the September Impact Sleuth Challenge Winners who each won bath crystals from Bath Junkie: Jennifer Chambers of Boise, ID; Andrew Weigel of Somerville, MA; Brian Quirk of Aurora, IL; Ron Fredrickson of Peoria, AZ; and Laura Pegoraro of Des Plaines, IL. Congrats and Enjoy!This Month's Challenge: Saving fresh water is an [...]

29 10, 2009

October Impact Sleuth Challenge

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This Month's Challenge: Getting outside is great for your sanity, hiking burns calories, and a trip to the National or State Parks is way cheaper than most vacations. Thanks to a lot of hard work and perseverance over the years, there are now National Parks in 49 out of the 50 U.S. states, protecting our [...]

29 10, 2009

October Choice Insight Newsletter

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It's About YouThis may not be a presidential election year, but casting your vote next week is as important as ever. Your choice to support green technologies and clean energy production has already sent an important message to our local and national decision makers, prompting them to act upon the wishes of the people for [...]

28 10, 2009

Bag Your Pardon – From @IdealBite

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Bag Your PardonThe Bite:Excuse us, but do you want to pack your sandwiches in something a little healthier? Apologies - we mean instead of in conventional plastic baggies. Opt for reusable food bags made with safe plastics or cotton. No problem.The Benefits: Since they're only manufactured once, the production of one reusable bag creates fewer [...]

28 10, 2009

Renewable Choice Celebrates 1,000 LEED Projects

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For Immediate Release Green Building LEED Certification Supports Green Power Renewable Choice Celebrates 1,000 LEED Projects Boulder, CO (PRWEB) October 29, 2009 -- Renewable Choice Energy, a national sustainability company known for its award-winning wind power partnership with Whole Foods Market and the world's largest supplier of renewable energy for the Green Power Credit for [...]

27 10, 2009

Sharp Witted – From @IdealBite

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Sharp WittedThe Bite:Is the money you spend on disposable razors nothing to laugh at? We'll get straight to the punch line, then: Try a resharpening tool, or (if you're a dude) go for longer-lasting electric or straight razors. Just humor-us.The Benefits: You'll create less waste - disposable razors contribute an annual estimated 2 million pounds [...]