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28 04, 2010

LED Fluorescents Ready For Prime Time?

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From our friends at Software Advice...Light emitting diode (LED) fluorescent tubes are all the rage in the lighting market. The technology promises to be more energy efficient, less environmentally harmful and more economical than traditional fluorescent tube lighting. Regardless, there is a lot of debate over whether they are ready for widespread commercial use.We recently [...]

26 04, 2010

Green Power for LEED Feature Article

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    Green Power for Green Buildings A featured article by John Powers, LEED AP & Director of Business Development for Renewable Choice Energy (EXCERPT)On our path to building a world that will sustain human life for generations to come, we are going to need many concurrent strategies.  Building more efficiently – in terms of [...]

20 04, 2010

GHG Consult Thank You Page

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Thank you for contacting us about your free initial Greenhouse Gas Inventory consultation. We look forward to following up with you to discuss your goals and challenges, and offer valuable solutions to your carbon accounting needs. Here are other online sustainability resources to help meet your unique business goals: Free Sustainability Webinars Renewable Energy Credits [...]

20 04, 2010

Greenhouse Gas Inventories, GHG, Sustainability Services

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Considering measuring your carbon footprint with a greenhouse gas inventory? Our in-house experts can make it easy and affordable to measure and track your emissions, set reduction goals and meet those goals for sustainability success - success that positively impacts the planet and your business. Get a Free Initial Greenhouse Gas Inventory Consultation [!HubspotForm? &tpl=`biz.ghg.freeconsult.HubSpot`!]

19 04, 2010

Ray Anderson's Business Logic of Sustainability

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"Believe it or not, I come offering a solution to a very important part of this larger problem with the requisite focus on climate. Adn the solution I offer is to the biggest culprit in this massive mistreatment of the earth by humankind and the resulting decline of the biosphere. That culprit is business and [...]

19 04, 2010

Green Power for LEED Certification Search Story

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Get Green Power. Help save the planet. And why not get a few more points towards your LEED certification while you're at it? Why not, indeed.You are searching for ways to make your LEED green building project a stand-out for clients and residents and we can help. People like knowing they are supporting solutions to [...]

19 04, 2010

Renewable Choice Green-e Certified Search Story

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We've got  your Green-e Energy Certified wind power right here! When it comes to making your home or business more sustainable, Renewable Choice should be at the top of your list of, well... helpers. We were one of the very first companies to offer Green-e Certified wind power and our innovations have only grown bigger [...]

19 04, 2010

Renewable Choice Sustainability Search Story

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Search no further. When it comes to making your business more sustainable, Renewable Choice has the products and services to help you do it, and very well. With thousands of clients across the globe, we're a trusted partner to Fortune 500 and small companies alike and are the #1 international provider of green power to [...]

19 04, 2010

Crystal Mountain a Michigan Sustainability Leader

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    Crystal Mountain Resort Ski and golf resort scores many firsts for environment (EXCERPT)For Jim MacInnes, president and CEO of the Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa, environmental stewardship is a philosophical approach."I am concerned about humanity," he said. "I want to see people change our ways and live as sustainably as we can for [...]