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25 03, 2013

Greening the Green Building Industry

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As LEED® professionals, we’re often asked if we “walk our talk,” which begs the question: exactly how sustainability-minded is your own organization?  In some cases, it may be possible to work in a LEED space yourself, convert your existing buildings over to EBOM, or lease a LEED-certified space.  But beyond the built environment, there are [...]

22 03, 2013

Tips for Keeping Older Electronics Green

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Written By Guest Blogger: Kelsey Jones One of the biggest areas for green improvement lies with electronics. Because technology moves so quickly, items can become out of date just months, even weeks, after they are introduced. Generally, this makes it hard to find them a new home since most of us want the latest item, not [...]

21 03, 2013

The Share Economy and Corporate Sustainability

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Last month Forbes featured a story chronicling the “unstoppable rise of the share economy". While sharing is certainly not a new concept, the proliferation of online platforms for sharers to connect and interact has reached critical mass.  From sharing your home through Airbnb, cars via Zipcar, and apparel through Poshmark, the bottom line is that [...]

21 03, 2013

Wind PowerED: Climate Education for Colorado Kids!

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THIS CONTEST IS EXPIRED. The lesson plan is still available for download. We are a local Boulder county company dedicated to advancing clean energy and sustainability throughout the United States and Canada.  This Earth Day, we are interested in partnering with you to help educate Colorado kids about green power. Our program, called Wind PowerED, [...]

20 03, 2013

Take an Hour for the Earth

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The ability to harness energy in order to generate electricity is arguably one of the most important discoveries ever made by humankind.  Without electricity, there would be no industrial age, and certainly no digital one.  Year over year, our energy demands continue to increase with no sign of slowing down; if anything, we will need [...]

20 03, 2013

Renewable Choice client, 300 Tower Parkway, receives LEED Silver certification.

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300 Tower Parkway awarded LEED Silver certification Business Ledger news servicesLINCOLNSHIRE – Van Vlissingen and Co., the developers and managers of Lincolnshire Corporate Center, has been awarded the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Silver certification for its office building at 300 Tower Parkway in Lincolnshire Corporate Center.“Achieving LEED certification for this property is one very [...]

20 03, 2013

Walmart as Featured on

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Walmart and Annie's keep score of supplier sustainability By Aaron Tilley | | Published March 08, 2013 -- Retail buyers play a key role in helping big companies like Walmart make their supply chains more sustainable. Bringing them onboard, however, wasn't easy, so the world's largest retailer gave buyers scorecards to assess supplier sustainability. [...]

15 03, 2013

St. Louis Art Museum's East Building wins LEED Gold

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    Article: St. Louis Art Museum's East Building wins LEED Gold   Published: 14-Mar-2013 ( The St. Louis Art Museum's new East Building, designed by British architect Sir David Chipperfield, has secured Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification from the US Green Building Council. St. Louis expansion is the first major [...]

15 03, 2013

UI Dental Science Building addition earns LEED gold certification

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    Article: UI Dental Science Building addition earns LEED gold certification BY: GEORGE MCCRORY | 2013.03.13 | ( -- The Dental Science Building addition at the University of Iowa has earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. LEED is the nationally recognized benchmark for the design, construction, [...]

14 03, 2013

Press Release: Renewable Choice Energy Launches Wind PowerED Campaign

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  Renewable Choice Energy Launches Wind PowerED Campaign Program aims to educate Colorado kids about renewable energy and climate change Boulder, CO - March 14, 2013 --   Renewable Choice Energy (, a leading provider of renewable energy, carbon offsets, and sustainability consulting services based in Boulder, Colorado, today launched its Wind PowerED campaign, an [...]