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@IdealBite - Bite: the Big Ones

green-lifestyle icon by on 01/16/2009

Best of Ideal Bite - Green Living Tips

www.idealbite.comWhat were the biggest Bites of October-December?

The Bite
Over the last 3 months, we've tipped topics from methane power to mineral makeup. Some made you feel like climbing the walls, and others made you feel like tearing them down. Here goes...

The Benefits
The Tip That Got Around: opting out of phone book delivery. You Biters read and forwarded this one more than any other. We don't blame you - those things are heavy, and with Internet listings for everything, who needs 'em? Runner-up: which produce you should buy organic.
The Link That Got the Most Love: KEEN recycled rice paper wallet. Besides the obvious phone book link, a place to stash your green that won't eat up all your green (read: it's inexpensive) was our most-clicked link. Runner-up: recycled glass tiles from Terra Green. Who knew countertops were so hot?
The Topic That Caused a Ruckus: eco-friendly bath towels. Yep, towels, of all things, created a stir - more than a few of you wish we'd talked about the chem-heavy process for turning bamboo into fabric, and what to do with old towels when you're done with 'em (here's a hint). Runner-up: methane energy - especially the idea of hooking up cows to, um, methane-capturing backpacks.

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