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@IdealBite - (S)UV Ray of Sunshine : Guilty Pleasures Week

green-lifestyle icon by on 02/02/2009

Green(er?) SUVs - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

www.idealbite.comAre there slightly less-gloomy SUV options?

The Bite
It's sunny you ask... Our maybe-not-so-bright idea for this week's tips: Bring you the greenest of the nongreen. And what better way to kick off the week than with something only CEOs wearing golden parachutes can afford right now: SUVs (the most eco of which are - wait for it - actually greener than regular passenger cars).

The Benefits
  • Lightening your impact. Since calculating fuel efficiency is a fancy, nonintuitive equation, increasing your gas mileage from, say, 14 to 16 mpg saves as much gas as increasing it from 35 to 50 mpg.
  • They're SUVs. There's all that room for skis and bikes and dogs (yeah, yeah, we ski like once a year, we know...)

Want a bigger bite?

Jen BiedermanJen From Renewable Choice Says:  While choosing a hybrid or bio-diesel non-SUV option is really the most environmentally friendly practice (second to walking or riding your bike), if you happen to live in a mountainous state that gets hefty snowfalls, a SmartCar isn't exactly the best option.  That being said, it is still difficult for me to endorse even hybrid SUVs- their gas mileage is not yet even up to par with regular cars, not to mention sedan hybrids- the good news is, there are several non-SUV, mountain friendly cars and wagons that won't kill your pocketbook at the pump that are also working towards more envrionmentally sound practices.  One of the most popular vehicles I've seen here in Colorado is the Subaru- either the Forester or the Outback- both get pretty good gas mileage and also have 4-wheel drive to get you up those snowy mountain passes.  While neither model comes in a hybrid version yet, both are better choices than a gas-guzzling, mega-carbon producing SUV monster.  

Jen Biederman is a Customer Service and Communications Specialist for Renewable Choice Energy.