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green-lifestyle icon by on 04/13/2009

Spend Your Tax Rebates With The Planet In Mind

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The Bite:
Not 100% satisfied with this year's tax rebates? It's too late for tax year '08, but in April 2010, simply return your tax forms for a bigger refund by taking advantage of very special local and federal '09 offers for going green. Shipping and handling not included.

The Benefits:

  • Convenient payment plans. Example: So you can't afford solar panels on your own - the feds will foot 30% of the bill (and your state and local governments might offer even more).
  • No-risk eco-savings. Just in case you haven't been reading your Daily Tips (ahem): Actions such as installing a new water heater or buying a hybrid can lead to way less CO2.
  • Crediting your karma account. Donating stuff you don't need just feels good and keeps it from going to waste in landfills.

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