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Melt Down: Born Again Week - From @Idealbite

green-lifestyle icon by on 05/13/2009

Using Soap Bits - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

www.idealbite.comMelt Down - Born Again Week

The Bite:
Having a breakdown in the shower? If you're faced with chucking the remnants of your fave soap, pull it together - instead of throwing out those tiny pieces (granted, it's a tiny change), melt 'em down into one new, usable bar. Now breathe...

The Benefits:

  • Not throwing an eco-fit. We waste up to 10% of our personal care products just because we don't use every ounce. Using every last bit of your soap means less waste (and less packaging).
  • Less hyperventilating over money. Based on the stat above, it's almost like you're getting 1 free bar for every 10 you buy.
  • Teaching kids not to waste like crazy. A project like this is a great way to introduce the little ones to the concept of using everything up.

Want a bigger bite?

Jen Biederman (eco blog photo)Jen From Renewable Choice Says: I can't even remember the last time I used bar soap in the shower- I'm more of a liquid body wash kind of girl. However, at my parents house they use little hand soaps at the bathroom sinks. Whenever they get too small to use, we either fuse the slivers together with the new bar of soap, or simply keep the last bits in the soap dish pinching out just enough to wash up. I find it a bit unnecessary to go through all the steps mentioned above, but definitely advocate using every last bit of your soap (and any other beauty products). Consider using the last bits of soap or liquid soap in your bath- this ensures you actually use all of what you paid for and that you still get squeaky clean. Rub-a-dub-dub! ~Jen

Jen Biederman is a Customer Service and Communications Specialist for Renewable Choice Energy.