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WHIP IT UP: Strawberry and Chicken or Tofu Salad Recipe

www.idealbite.comThe Blueprint

The Bite:
Drafting the menu for a spring soiree? You don't have to be Frank Lloyd Wright to enjoy this Strawberry and Grilled Chicken or Tofu Salad. From our pal and in-season recipe master, Executive Chef Scott Garrett - at LA hotel Avalon's Blue on Blue restaurant - it's designed for a healthier plate and planet.

The Benefits:

  • Remodeling your food's energy use. A typical piece of produce travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate; local strawberries and lettuce - now growing almost everywhere in the United States (try your local farmers market) - require way less gas to get to you.
  • More cash for architecture school. Cooking at home saves bucks, so you can maybe splurge on some local wine to go with your meal.
  • A fresh layout. Local food almost always means fresher food.

Want a bigger bite?

Jen Biederman (eco blog photo)Jen From Renewable Choice Says: I'm a huge fan of salads, eat them every day (sometimes twice a day), just can't get enough. I love using fresh ingredients available at Whole Foods (offsets all of their electricity use through Renewable Choice), Sunflower Market or the local Farmers Market. I recommend fresh salads for one and all, they are so good for you in so many different ways- to save cash, try making your own balsamic vinaigrette dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, maybe some spices). Bon Appetit! ~Jen

Jen Biederman is a Customer Service and Communications Specialist for Renewable Choice Energy.