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Uncle Moneybags- Green Gifts Week

green-lifestyle icon by on 12/01/2008

Fabulous Green Gifts for the Holiday Season- Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

idealbite.comGot the whole community chest at your disposal?

The Bite
Spend your non-Monopoly tender here - we're kicking off Green Gifts Week with $100-plus gifts for the more deserving of your friends and fam. Short of a get-outta-jail-free card, this stuff's tops. (Don't worry, we've got cheaper gifts coming up later this week.)

Wanna Buy?
Amazon Kindle - electronic book reader that conserves trees and energy needed to make paper books. Wirelessly download more than 190,000 titles, plus gain access to blogs and newspapers. It's easy on the eyes too - you can change text size and contrast. Also: Buy books for less than $10 (even new bestsellers) for people who already have Kindles ($359).
Energy Detective - give the gift of lower utility bills via an ultracool gadget that monitors your entire home's energy, so you know how much you're conserving...or wasting ($140).

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