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green-lifestyle icon by on 03/12/2008

Tax Filing Green Living Tip- Brought to you by Ideal Bite

IdealBite.comNeed happy pills to get you through tax filing?

The Bite
Chin up. Filing taxes online makes the ordeal a lot less suicide-inducing. If we all do it, we'll save major paper and postage - plus filing online slashes the (typically taxing) wait for returns.

The Benefits
•    Easy does it. Web programs and PC software guide you through the filing process. Bonus: no standing in post office lines with other last-minute filers.
•    Rapid returns. If you e-file, you can expect to get your return in about half the time it would take with paper.
•    Not wasting W-2 much paper. The IRS processes over 2 bil sheets of paper each year. E-filing means fewer forms, and getting your refund deposited directly in your account saves even more paper.
•    It's accurate. The IRS says e-filing is 99% accurate, versus about 80% accurate with paper.

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