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industry-news iconFirst U.S. Offshore Wind Farm Considered in MA
by on 01/23/2009

MA interested in tapping into Northeastern winds with first offshore wind farm.

Offshore Wind TurbineMinerals Management Service (MMS) has finished their 2,800-page Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on the viability of what's being called Cape Wind and the first offshore wind farm in the U.S. could receive the go ahead as early as March of this year.

With six European countries already operating successful offshore wind farms and two more countries in the construction phase, Massachusetts was able to conduct and extensive environmental review to analyze all implications for bringing this green technology to the U.S. In fact, they've been considering it for seven and a half years and the final report is looking very good.

"This report validates the project will create new jobs, increase energy independence and fight global warming while being a good neighbor to the ecosystem of Nantucket Sound," said Jim Gordon, the project's developer. "Massachusetts is one major step closer to becoming home to America's first offshore wind farm and becoming a global leader in the production of offshore renewable energy."

According to the FEIS the Cape Wind project could create hundreds of jobs and generate over half a billion dollars for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The project could supply up to 75% of the electricity needs for Cape Cod and the surrounding Islands, helping MA achieve its mandated Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). In addition, Cape Wind will have no major impacts on navigation, fishing, or tourism. Visit renewableenergyworld.com here to read the article.


Holly Stewart, Creative DirectorPERSONALLY SPEAKING-
Growing up in Europe exposed me to sustainable advances at an early age. It's great to see the concept of offshore wind farms finally jumping the pond. The United States is leading the way in terms of the amount of wind power being generated and offshore wind farms could bring our nation even closer to energy independence and the economic security that goes along with being sustainably self-sufficient. ~ Holly

Holly Stewart is Creative Director for Renewable Choice Energy. 

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