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Cambean Hotels Adds to its Brand with New Green Logo

sustainable-business icon by on 04/17/2009

Cambean has a new brand and a new strategy for its hotels to further set them apart.

Cambean Earth, Cambean Hotels new brandCambean Hotels created a new green-focused branding initiative at the beginning of 2009 to educate its guests on new environmental practices. The new branding initiative included the debut of its Cambean Earth logo which also serves as an eco-label. The label will highlight sustainable practices and materials throughout the hotel.

The Cambean Earth logo also coincides with the renovations that are happening at the historic Clifton hotel. It is being renovated from the ground up and the President, Brian Scheinblum wants to send the message that it is possible to be environmentally responsible without giving up luxury or convenience. This project is registered as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) project and is being designed to meet LEED Gold certification.

Over the last six months, it seems that the hospitality industry has been making more changes and announcements around its green practices. Announcements include Marriot dropping its full-service daily newspaper service to all guests and Loews kicking off an ‘Adopt a Farmer’ program to support local produce to the Willard InterContinental is offering guests the use of a hybrid car instead of taxi service.



Client Relations Manager


When I go on vacation, I have free time to soak in my surroundings, read and learn. With the hospitality industry increasingly getting involved and promoting new sustainability initiatives, I am hopeful that guests and visitors will notice these efforts and the hotels' voluntary investmens. The hospitality industry will continue to respond to consumers that are vocal about what sustainability practices they expect and what they appreciate while enjoying their vacations. ~ Megan

Megan Brown is the Client Relations Manager at Renewable Choice.