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March Sleuth Challenge Winners

green-lifestyle icon by on 04/22/2009

Congratulations to the Winners of our March Sleuth Challenge!

KettleFoods.comThe Winners: Congratulations to the March Impact Sleuth Challenge Winners who each won a jar of Kettle Foods Nut Butter: Ian Firestone of Boston, MA; Carin Crook of Ridgefield, CT; Carolyn Pitcavage of Denver, CO; Sherri Elliott of Kansas City, MO; and Joanna Nutter of Seattle, WA. Congrats and Enjoy!

This Month's Challenge:
Cooking your food at temps above 116 degrees depletes nutrients and uses more energy. Eating more raw foods, like organic nut butters, boosts your health and saves energy. According to this Ideal Bite Tip, what percentage of the nutrient folate is lost by cooking spinach on the stove top instead of eating it raw?

The Prize: Eating a raw food diet doesn't mean you have to forgo delectable delights, some of the tastiest treats are simply natural raw foods like nut butters. Each sleuth challenge winner this month will receive an 11oz. jar of Kettle Foods Nut Butter (retail value $7.50). Many thanks to Kettle Foods for sponsoring this month's challenge and prize!

The Answer: 77% of the nutrient folate is lost in spinach by cooking it on the stove-top instead of eating it raw.

Thanks to everyone who participated- look for a new Sleuth Challenge next month!