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by on 12/31/2008

Morning After Drinks - Hangover Cure-all Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

www.idealbite.comWanna turn(the)tables on your hangover?

The Bite
Put your needle on a bottle of natural morning-after drink mixer made with no synthetic ingredients. Come New Year's Day, the hair of the dog'll help you keep the party going without dropping a beat.

The Benefits

  • No synthetics on these ones and twos. If you're not gonna make it from, ahem, scratch, go with mixers made without synthetic preservatives.
  • Playing an eco-friendlier track. Most of our options are organic, meaning they're produced without the usual pesticides that might be in conventional mixers.
  • Tempo-rary relief from your hangover.
Want a bigger bite?

Jen Biederman


Jen from Renewable Choice Says:  "Drink conservatively- instead of binging, try only having one or two glasses of the bubbly (and maybe a shot on the side).  No matter how many times you toast 'good riddance 2008/bring on 2009' this NYE, make sure you drink a LOT of water in conjunction with the alcohol; your body and soul will thank you for starting the new year without a headache!"

Jen Biederman is a Customer Service and Communications Specialist for Renewable Choice Energy. 

Renewable Choice Energy wishes you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you in 2009...

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