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Manitoba Harvest Adds Wind Power to Eco Commitments

sustainable-business icon by on 05/15/2009

Sustainability practices are second nature for Manitoba.

Maanitoba Harvest renewable energyManitoba Harvest has expanded its corporate environmental initiatives by addressing the impact of the conventional electricity it uses. Last month it announced its commitment to offset 100% of its production facilities electricity use by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs). Manitoba is also reducing its corporate impact by offsetting the emissions from its natural gas use with carbon offsets. These new initiatives demonstrate the importance Manitoba places on evaluating and responding to opportunities that increase its environmental corporate responsibility.

In 2008, Manitoba invested in many eco-friendly features for its state-of-the-art organic processing facility inlcuding efficient HVAC heating and cooling systems, special insulation, and lighting efficiencies. With the new green building features in place, Manitoba researched what else they could do which is when they chose to support renewable energy generation and carbon reduction facilities. These new commitments were a natural fit for an organization that has built its business around sustainable farming practices and educating the public on healthy lifestyle choices. Manitoba Harvest is in fact the largest farmer-owned hemp food manufacturer that has vertically integrated operations.

The education around and market for hemp foods continues to grow significantly. According to research from the natural products market information company, SPINS, sales of hempmilk grew 162% from 2007 to 2008. To learn more about Manitoba’s products or find recipes, check out its website.

Megan Brown, Client Relations ManagerPERSONALLY SPEAKING
These products are rich in Omega-3 and as consumers are increasingly aware of how foods are grown and where they come from, Manitoba is well positioned to be a leader in educating the marketplace on its products and on responsible corporate sustainability.
~ Megan

Megan Brown is the Client Relations Manager for Renewable Choice.