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by Amy Haddon on 01/27/2014

Last week, GreenBiz.com released their annual State of Green Business report. The annual report details the top 10 trends in sustainability for 2014, along with a new metric, the Natural Capital... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 12/19/2013

This year, we were so pleased to share the news that we were involved with the documentary film Chasing Ice, providing offsets during filming to help reduce the climate impact of the production. The... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 12/17/2013

Like so many, I was deeply saddened by the passing of renowned leader Nelson Mandela. Whether or not you agree with Mandela’s politics, he was a passionate figurehead for social justice; an... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 12/09/2013

Despite the increasing threat of climate change to our planet, we think we have a lot to celebrate this holiday season…renewable growth in the U.S. is at an all-time high…more and... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 11/13/2013

Last week’s elections proved to be a crucial turning point for Colorado in the fight for climate change abatement.  In elections across the state, voters turned out to turn down... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 10/21/2013

Last month, Colorado was suddenly and tragically stricken with a devastating flood.  The flood was the most serious in living memory and it affected nearly every city in the Denver... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 10/08/2013

Today is a big day: we’re excited to announce the launch of our new subsidiary company, Mosaic Labs.  Mosaic is a consulting firm that specializes in sustainability reporting... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 08/15/2013

This month, I celebrated six years with Renewable Choice Energy, a milestone of which I am extremely proud.  When I first joined the company in 2007, there was buzz about climate... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 08/01/2013

I saw the Disney-Pixar animated film Wall-E long before I became a parent and found its simple message of hope both entertaining and inspiring.  In the film--which is worth a... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 07/03/2013

That was the fundamental question posed to me and fellow Colorado B-Corp-ers Mark Fisher, CEO of Inspire Commerce, and Seleyn DeYarus, CEO of America’s Best Organics on the... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 07/01/2013

U.S. businesses could save $780 billion dollars over 10 years by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by only 3 percent, according to a new report by the World Wildlife Fund... [more]

by Amy Haddon on 06/25/2013

The private sector is leading the way in the voluntary purchase of green power via renewable energy credits (RECs).  The EPA lists more than 1,400... [more]

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