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industry-news iconU.S. Wastes More Energy than It Consumes
by Guest Blogger on 09/11/2013

By Guest Blogger, Kristina Ross A new study released by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory shows that the U.S. has some serious energy-efficiency problems. The nation uses just 39 percent of... [more]

green-lifestyle iconHow to Ride 4700 Miles on a Bamboo Bike without Flipping on a Light Switch
by Guest Blogger on 08/26/2013

By Rob Greenfield This summer I changed my relationship with electricity.   Imagine coming home after a long sweaty day of bike riding and not having the option to take a shower, turn on... [more]

green-building iconLEED® v4 to Debut at Greenbuild Conference
by Lana Carmichael on 08/22/2013

With no shortage of controversy, three years and six public comment periods later, USGBC® members voted to approve LEED® v4, clearing the way for its launch at the Greenbuild conference in... [more]

industry-news iconHow Renewables are Winning
by Amy Haddon on 08/15/2013

This month, I celebrated six years with Renewable Choice Energy, a milestone of which I am extremely proud.  When I first joined the company in 2007, there was buzz about climate change and... [more]

industry-news iconThe Viability of Offshore Wind Power
by Guest Blogger on 08/13/2013

By Ian Law As oil prices rise and the need for independent energy supply grows, offshore wind power becomes an increasingly significant opportunity within the renewable energy industry.... [more]

industry-news iconSASB Unveils Sustainability Standards
by Guest Blogger on 08/07/2013

By Drew Brown The Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) recently unveiled new sustainability standards for form 10-K filings.  The form 10-k is an annual report required... [more]

green-lifestyle iconThe Connection between Climate and Waste
by Amy Haddon on 08/01/2013

I saw the Disney-Pixar animated film Wall-E long before I became a parent and found its simple message of hope both entertaining and inspiring.  In the film--which is worth a view... [more]

industry-news iconU.S. Ambition for Renewable Energy
by Guest Blogger on 07/30/2013

By Ian Law Sustainability is a critical issue in defining the role that the United States plays in international leadership. Actions reflect priorities, and the historic lack of a... [more]