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green-lifestyle iconTau Biter Sigma: College Week - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 08/21/2009

Getting Involved - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Tau Biter Sigma: College WeekThe Bite:Know a student rushing for a greener coeducational experience? They could order organic beer kegs for the next frat party, or they could join an organization on... [more]

green-building iconSustainability Webinar: Green Power & LEED Certification
by Heather Philipp on 08/21/2009

Renewable Choice is giving a free webinar presentation on Green Power for LEED Wednesday August 26. Join Us.

We're demystifying the use to renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets for LEED Green Building Certification. In this free sustainability webinar, you'll learn more about using renewable... [more]

sustainable-business iconFairfield Inn to Be Baltimore’s 1st Green Hotel
by Megan Brown on 08/25/2009

This Fairfield Inn has stepped up its eco-friendly practices in a big way.

This 154-guest room hotel has been receiving a lot of attention for its new inn and suites and for being on track to be the first hotel in Baltimore to be LEED certified. According to the Balitmore... [more]

sustainable-business iconTen Steps to a Greenhouse Gas Inventory
by Matt Wood on 08/24/2009

Learn the ten steps necessary to complete a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory.

I’ve received several  questions regarding the “10 steps to a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory” I discussed during my Introduction to Greenhouse Gas Inventories... [more]

green-lifestyle iconCooking Up a Dorm: College Week - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 08/19/2009

Healthy Convenience Food - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Cooking Up a Dorm: College WeekThe Bite:Does studying leave next to no energy for cooking? College students don't even need a real kitchen to settle their stomachs. Our favorite organic... [more]

green-lifestyle iconBook 'Em: College Week - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 08/18/2009

Reused and Digital Textbooks - Green Learning Tip brought to you by Ideal Bite

Book 'Em: College WeekThe Bite:Handcuffed to high textbook prices? You could alert the authorities, or you could just rent, go for used, or buy e-textbooks, all of which save both cash... [more]

green-lifestyle iconHandle with Care: College Week - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 08/17/2009

Care Packages - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Handle with Care: College WeekThe Bite:Wanna make sure your new collegiate doesn't go postal with homesickness? Box up a few planet-conscious comforts. Since it's all stuff they'll... [more]

green-lifestyle iconPillow Fight - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 08/14/2009

Pillow Care - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Pillow FightThe Bite:Does replacing your pillows knock out your bank reserves? Soften the blow: Make 'em last longer by cleaning them - which clobbers both cash waste and the... [more]