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industry-news iconCoal Plant Regulations to Affect Renewable Energy Sector
by Ian Law on 06/03/2014

Yesterday the Environmental Protection Agency published its proposal for a regulation to limit carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal plants by 30% from 2005 levels by the year 2030. The existing... [more]

industry-news iconThree Myths About REC Purchasing
by John Powers on 05/28/2014

For the past 12 years, Renewable Choice Energy has been committed to providing alternatives to fossil fuel-based energy consumption. We understand that once consumers decide they would rather purchase... [more]

business-news iconThe Ins and Outs of REC Purchasing
by Ian Law on 05/20/2014

Renewable energy generation isn’t easy. It requires a tremendous investment to build capacity, whether in wind farms, solar arrays, or elsewhere. As a result, few companies choose to generate... [more]

sustainable-business iconB Lab Announces 1,000th B Corp Certification
by Ian Law on 05/16/2014

This week, B Lab announced its 1,000th B Corp certification, a milestone that reflects the widespread adoption of a new style of business that aligns social and environmental responsibility with... [more]

industry-news iconCarbon Offsets and the Impacts of Air Travel
by Ian Law on 05/15/2014

Air travel has evolved tremendously over the past 50 years. The ease with which we fly has led to countless human and business developments, and all indicators point to the continued growth in... [more]

industry-news iconNew York Continues to Change the Clean Energy Game
by Ian Law on 05/13/2014

New York is at it again. On April 24th, Governor Cuomo unveiled plans for a new energy initiative aimed at further decentralizing the electricity sector, including the creation of a utility... [more]

green-lifestyle iconClimate Change is Not a Political Issue
by Amy Haddon on 05/08/2014

I recently completed a really amazing class on storytelling for sustainability. The class concept was that presenting facts & figures can turn off an audience that might otherwise be... [more]

industry-news iconFiscal Policy Measures Prove Essential to Energy Reform
by Ian Law on 05/01/2014

A meeting hosted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) earlier this week sought to explore the negative economic and environmental... [more]