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green-lifestyle icon@IdealBite - Psychedelicates
by Jen Biederman on 03/06/2009

Forget Dry Cleaning - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Think you gotta dry clean your cashmere? The Bite You're trippin'. Try an eco delicate wash instead of dry cleaning to avoid use of the toxic chemical perc, which has pretty much the same effect... [more]

green-lifestyle icon@IdealBite - Deserving Your Throne
by Jen Biederman on 03/05/2009

Toilet Paper Conservation - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Are you king of paper conservation in the bathroom? The Bite You rule - then you must already recycle your toilet paper tubes. But if you don't (and a lot of us don't), try making it a habit. A... [more]

green-lifestyle icon@IdealBite - The Dirty Truth
by Jen Biederman on 03/04/2009

Washing Your Produce - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

What's the honest-to-goodness best way to wash your produce? The Bite: Use water and white vinegar - no lie. A few squirts on your fruits and veggies gets rid of the nasty stuff (like pesticide... [more]

green-lifestyle icon@IdealBite - ATM Hold Up
by Jen Biederman on 03/03/2009

Just Say No To Receipts - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Are you gunning for the forest every time you use an ATM? The Bite Maybe, since the number of trees that go to making receipts is just plain criminal. Hold up on requesting a receipt at the... [more]

green-lifestyle iconFebruary Sleuth Challenge Winners
by Jen Biederman on 03/19/2009

Congratulations to the Winners of our February Sleuth Challenge!

The Winners: Congratulations to the February Impact Sleuth Challenge Winners who each won a $20 Gift Card to Gander Mountain Stores: Thomas McKeef of Rutherford, NJ; Jeremy Knoll of Kansas... [more]

green-lifestyle iconFebruary Impact Sleuth Challenge
by Jen Biederman on 02/18/2009

Answer the February Sleuth Challenge For Your Chance To Win...

This Month's Challenge: Still drinking water out of plastic bottles? Even if you are staying hydrated with home-filtered water in a reusable bottle, switching from plastic to a more inert... [more]

green-lifestyle icon@IdealBite - Whiteboard, Gold Stars : Office Week
by Jen Biederman on 03/17/2009

Eco-friendly Office Supplies - Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Does your whiteboard make the grade? The Bite 100%, if you've got whiteboards and markers that graduated from the school of eco-friendliness. A++. The Benefits #1 cash savings.... [more]

green-lifestyle iconFebruary Choice Insight Newsletter
by Jen Biederman on 02/18/2009

Wind Keeps Growing Because of You

It's All About You The U.S. is making history with legislation that supports renewable energy growth and is now the largest producer of renewable energy in the world. Do you know... [more]