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industry-news iconGreen Power and Higher Education
by John Powers on 11/03/2011

Students are at the forefront of the environmental movement.

Back in 2003, before Al Gore made any movies and the U.S. woke up to the climate crisis, the rumblings of sustainability were beginning on college campuses across America. We saw Harvard encouraging... [more]

industry-news iconAASHE 2011 Creating Sustainable Campuses & Communities Conference
by Jamie Dandar on 10/26/2011

Read our takeaways from the recent AASHE 2011 Creating Sustainable Campuses and Communities Conference.

Earlier this month, almost 2,100 attendees met in Pittsburgh, PA for AASHE 2011 Creating Sustainable Campuses and Communities Conference. Just like most college campuses, the AASHE conference was... [more]

industry-news iconGlobal Progress in Combating Climate Change
by Ryan Meeks on 10/25/2011

CDP gathers climate change data from the largest cities in the world and just published their report on those who responded called CDP Cities 2011, Global Report on C40 Cities.

USGBC’s Greenbuild conference ended recently on October 7th (2011). My colleagues here at Renewable Choice attended the event but it’s not the details surrounding the event... [more]

sustainable-business iconRetail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Conference Takeaways
by Aran Rice on 10/25/2011

Retail leaders met in Orlando to discuss environmental sustainability, compliance and how to integrate green practices into their companies.

One of North America’s largest corporate sustainability events, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Conference took place in Orlando, Florida this October 12-14. The... [more]

sustainable-business iconFAQs About Our Enterprise Carbon Accounting Software; Mosaic
by Brian Sloss on 10/17/2011

Read a blog covering FAQs about Mosaic Enterprise Carbon Accounting Software. A simple, scalable and automated way to measure GHG emissions for organizations of any size.

Earlier this year, Renewable Choice Energy launched a new software called MosaicTM, which enables organizations to collect, manage and report on their carbon emissions. It replaces... [more]

industry-news iconLong Awaited Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard Published
by Tom Holcomb on 10/14/2011

Long Awaited Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard published by WRI, WBCSD, and others.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol recently published the final version of its long-awaited Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounging and Reporting Standard, a guidance for businesses to... [more]

green-building iconUSGBC Greenbuild 2011 Conference Takeaways
by Sully Lineberger on 10/13/2011

Toronto hosted the 2011 Greenbuild conference put on by the USGBC. Read our takeaways.

The USGBC® (United States Green Building Council) broke new ground this year by having Greenbuild 2011 outside of the US in Toronto. That international flavor was apparent in... [more]

industry-news iconAIAG's Greenhouse Gas and Energy Symposium
by Jamie Dandar on 10/04/2011

Tier one automotive suppliers gathered in the Motor City last week to learn more about how to respond to GHG measurement requests from those they supply to.

Last week, automotive industry professionals gathered in the Motor City itself to learn about the importance of measuring GHG Emissions. The Automotive Industry Action Group... [more]