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green-lifestyle iconIs Santa Claus Green?
by Ryan Meeks on 12/22/2011

'Tis the season to be jolly. And we're even jollier knowing that Santa is eco-friendly. Happy Holidays from everyone at Renewable Choice.

Since I’ve never met Father Christmas or audited his operations, I can only speculate as to whether or not he is “green”. Fortunately, as an employee at Renewable Choice, I have... [more]

green-lifestyle iconTips for a More Sustainable Holiday Season
by Amy Haddon on 12/12/2011

Tips on how you can make small, sustainable changes in the way you celebrate the holidays this year.

More waste is generated in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s than at any other time of the year.  Unwanted gifts, food that gets thrown away, and discarded holiday cards,... [more]

sustainable-business iconThis Year's GPP Awards Announced During REM Conference
by Ryan Meeks on 12/08/2011

Renewable Choice recently attended the 2011 REM Conference at which this year's Green Power Partnership Awards were announced.

On November 16th, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy and the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), presented the 11th... [more]

industry-news iconRenewable Energy Markets 2011 Conference Recap
by Kevin Maddaford on 12/08/2011

The recent Renewable Energy Markets (REM) conference held in San Francisco was a success with nearly 400 attendees.

San Francisco played host to the Renewable Energy Markets (REM) 2011 Conference in mid-November. The event was organized by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), a non-profit organization... [more]

sustainable-business iconWalking Our Talk @ Renewable Choice
by Amy Haddon on 12/02/2011

Read a blog about the social and environmental practices which Renewable Choice embraces.

At Renewable Choice, we believe strongly in socially and environmentally responsible business practices and, as a result, make every effort to “walk our talk.”  This not... [more]

sustainable-business icon3 Reasons Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters
by Amy Haddon on 11/18/2011

Global citizenship is an important part of being a company. Here are 3 reasons why CSR matters. Part one of a two part series.

I recently returned to the office after the birth of my second child.  While I was away, the Occupy Wall Street movement began and I had the luxury of hearing a lot about it while I... [more]

industry-news iconCelebrating 10 Years of Renewable Choice
by Kris Lotlikar on 10/09/2011

As we at Renewable Choice celebrate our decennial, we look back on our accomplishments and are optimistic about building a sustainable future together.

When we founded Renewable Choice ten years ago, we wanted to create a mission-driven company that could help businesses and individuals understand their clean energy options.  We... [more]

sustainable-business iconThe Greening of Supply Chains
by Ryan Meeks on 11/10/2011

Companies who report GHG emissions and reduction activities is on the rise as indicated by a recent CDP report. Importance to supply chains evident.

With over 50% of the average corporation’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions being typically sourced from their supply chain, measuring and managing these emissions has been... [more]