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sustainable-business iconThe Countdown to Disclosure Begins
by Ryan Meeks on 04/04/2012

The Carbon Disclosure Project is the largest database of self-reported corporate climate change information in the world. Companies and cities around the globe have chosen to report to the CDP helping these organizations minimize risk, improve opportunity, and satisfy investors.

On April 1, the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) Supply Chain program officially opened. The CDP will soon be sending out its annual information request to companies around the world, inviting these... [more]

industry-news iconRenewable Choice Energy Partners with Green Schools National Conference
by Amy Haddon on 03/09/2012

At the end of February, we were proud to sponsor the 2nd annual Green Schools National Conference that was held in Denver. The Conference featured a keynote address by US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and brought together K-12 educators from around the country to discuss the value of sustainability within American schools.

The Greens Schools National Conference’s timing is pertinent, as more and more schools are considering green initiatives.  The event provided an opportunity for students, teachers,... [more]

sustainable-business icon3 More Reasons Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters (Part 2 of 2)
by Amy Haddon on 03/02/2012

Global citizenship is an important part of being a company. Here are 3 more reasons why corporate social responsibility (CSR) matters. The final part of a two part series.

The majority of scientists now agree that humans are the most likely cause of global climate change and in recent years increases in population have resulted in food shortages, increased... [more]

sustainable-business iconEnergy Efficiency Incentives: Save Money, Improve Performance
by Phillip Cory on 02/29/2012

How companies can reduce payback periods, increase ROI, and improve the business case for energy conservation projects using government and utility provided financial incentives.

Across the commercial landscape, businesses are reducing operating costs through building retrofits and energy performance investments.  Efficient lighting upgrades have been shown... [more]

sustainable-business iconThree Common Myths about Buying Green Power from a Utility
by John Powers on 02/22/2012

In our new blog we explore some of the more widespread myths about purchasing renewable energy.

When consumers decide they would rather purchase renewable energy than continue to support fossil fuels, they have limited options.  They can install an onsite generator like a... [more]

sustainable-business iconWhat’s In It For Me? The Benefits of a Sustainable Supply Chain
by Amy Haddon on 02/17/2012

In this blog we discuss the top three reasons why sustainability beyond scorecard makes sense for suppliers.

As we’ve reported in our recent white paper on supply chain sustainability scorecards, there is increasing pressure and demand on suppliers to comply with sustainability... [more]

sustainable-business iconWhy Corporate Giving Should Be Part of Your Sustainability Strategy
by Amy Haddon on 02/15/2012

International Corporate Philanthropy Day is approaching and corporate giving is an important aspect to round out your sustainability initiatives and CSR.

Monday, February 27, 2012 is International Corporate Philanthropy Day.  This international advocacy day is led by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy and... [more]

sustainable-business iconAre You Ready for EO 13514?
by Amy Haddon on 02/10/2012

Suppliers to government agencies will soon be required to provide GHG emissions data. In this blog, we'll share helpful insights into Executive Order 13514 , how it may affect your business, and link you to additional resources.

On October 5, 2009, President Obama signed Executive Order (EO) 13514, which calls on Federal agencies to make improvements in their environmental, energy, and economic... [more]