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sustainable-business icon2014 Sustainability Trends
by Amy Haddon on 01/27/2014

Last week, released their annual State of Green Business report. The annual report details the top 10 trends in sustainability for 2014, along with a new metric, the Natural Capital... [more]

industry-news iconThe Role of Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards in Green Power Development
by Ian Law on 01/22/2014

In 2013, Xcel Energy broke a U.S. record for the hourly penetration of wind resources in the electrical grid for an investor-owned utility. During the recording period, 1,874 megawatts (MW) of... [more]

industry-news iconThe Clean Tech Crash that “60 Minutes” Made Up
by Ian Law on 01/17/2014

On January 5th, the TV show “60 Minutes” aired a report on the supposed “crash” of the clean tech industry. Highlighting the failure of certain companies within the... [more]

industry-news iconWhat the PTC’s Expiration Means for Leading Companies
by John Powers on 01/15/2014

Since 1992, the U.S. government has sought to incentivize clean energy development through the tax code, specifically through a Production Tax Credit (PTC). In its most recent iteration,... [more]

green-lifestyle iconDid You Make a Carbon Resolution This Year?
by Guest Blogger on 01/14/2014

It’s hard to believe that we’re already two weeks into the new year. It’s traditional, of course, for people to make resolutions as we turn the calendar page. When you... [more]

sustainable-business iconTrends in Carbon Accounting Point to Carbon Offsets as a Natural Next Step
by Ian Law on 01/10/2014

Recent research performed by CDP reveals that at least 29 well-known companies now include a price for carbon in their financial planning and risk management criteria. Placing a price... [more]

industry-news icon5 Best Renewable Achievements of 2013
by Guest Blogger on 01/03/2014

Guest Blog by Keith Patterson As a new year begins, it's a perfect time to look back at the most significant renewable energy accomplishments of 2013. From an overall increase... [more]

industry-news iconApproaching the Renewable Energy Tipping Point
by Amy Haddon on 12/19/2013

This year, we were so pleased to share the news that we were involved with the documentary film Chasing Ice, providing offsets during filming to help reduce the climate impact of... [more]