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sustainable-business iconRenewable Choice Honored as a ‘Best for the Environment’ B Corp
by Amy Haddon on 05/29/2013

We are delighted to share the news that B Lab, the nonprofit organization behind the B Corporation movement, has recognized us as one of the ‘Best for the Environment’ B Corps in the Small... [more]

industry-news iconGood News from Duke Energy
by John Powers on 05/29/2013

In a world filled with bad news it makes me really happy to come across some truly transformative good news.  Duke Energy, long the staunch supporter of coal and nuclear power, is embracing... [more]

industry-news iconThe High Price of Natural Gas
by Amy Haddon on 05/24/2013

Interest in and consumption of natural gas in the U.S. is at an all-time high, thanks to advances in extraction technology, low prices, and growing distaste for emission-heavy coal.  As a... [more]

industry-news iconUnderstanding the Greenhouse Effect
by Guest Blogger on 05/23/2013

By Greta Stetson Most people generally understand global warming – gases like carbon dioxide trap heat within the earth’s atmosphere. But, in working to mitigate climate change,... [more]

industry-news iconReducing Carbon Emissions Becomes Mission Critical
by Amy Haddon on 05/14/2013

Last Friday, the New York Times reported that global carbon dioxide (CO2) has reached concentrations not seen on the planet since the Pliocene period, when the ice caps were far smaller and... [more]

sustainable-business iconCeres Conference Offers Something for Everyone
by Tom Drzewiecki on 05/13/2013

600+ attendees packed the house at the Fairmont Hotel in sunny San Francisco last week for the ceres conference. It featured exciting conversations, presentations, and even movies led by... [more]

green-lifestyle iconA Letter from the Arctic
by Guest Blogger on 05/09/2013

Hello from Ellesmere Island and the New Land 2013 Expedition Team! Renewable Choice is our expedition’s carbon offset sponsor and we are thrilled to be working with this industry... [more]

green-lifestyle iconEliminating Toxins from the Air We Breathe
by Guest Blogger on 05/07/2013

Nearly 100 years ago, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edith Wharton wrote: “The air of ideas is the only air worth breathing.” At the time, air pollution wasn’t... [more]