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industry-news iconEPA Expands Green Power Partnership Program
by Aran Rice on 10/17/2013

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Green Power Partnership—which includes more than 1,500 organizations collectively using more than 28 billion kWh of green power... [more]

industry-news iconExciting News! Please Welcome Mosaic Sustainability
by Amy Haddon on 10/08/2013

Today is a big day: we’re excited to announce the launch of our new subsidiary company, Mosaic Sustainability.  Mosaic is a consulting firm that specializes in... [more]

industry-news iconWhat is biomass, really?
by Ian Law on 09/30/2013

Within the renewable energy field, some energy sources are better understood than others. Compared with the more popular wind and solar, biomass is generally lesser... [more]

industry-news iconWalmart Announces Sustainability Index Progress
by Matt Wood on 09/17/2013

Last week, Walmart held a Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting at its headquarters in Bentonville, AR where it announced the progress made with the... [more]

industry-news iconU.S. Wastes More Energy than It Consumes
by Guest Blogger on 09/11/2013

By Guest Blogger, Kristina Ross A new study released by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory shows that the U.S. has some serious... [more]

green-lifestyle iconHow to Ride 4700 Miles on a Bamboo Bike without Flipping on a Light Switch
by Guest Blogger on 08/26/2013

By Rob Greenfield This summer I changed my relationship with electricity.   Imagine coming home after a long sweaty day of... [more]

green-building iconLEED® v4 to Debut at Greenbuild Conference
by Lana Carmichael on 08/22/2013

With no shortage of controversy, three years and six public comment periods later, USGBC® members voted to approve LEED® v4,... [more]

industry-news iconHow Renewables are Winning
by Amy Haddon on 08/15/2013

This month, I celebrated six years with Renewable Choice Energy, a milestone of which I am extremely proud.  When I first... [more]