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industry-news iconStudy: National RES would add 274,000 jobs
by Kevin Maddaford on 02/11/2010

A strong national renewable electricity standard would add 274,000 U.S. jobs by 2025.

According to a new study released by the RES Alliance for Jobs, a national renewable electricity standard (RES) requiring 25% of electricity to be generated by renewable sources by 2025 would create... [more]

industry-news iconCarbon Disclosure to be Mandated by SEC
by Matt Wood on 02/11/2010

A new publication puts a spotlight on carbon disclosure and its importance.

Carbon disclosure and reporting has taken a giant leap forward with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) new interpretative guidance clarifying climate change related disclosure... [more]

green-building iconBuilding Green Achieves More Than Efficiency & Sustainability
by Megan Brown on 02/15/2010

Many people fear high costs of incorporating sustainability into the design and building process, especially in today’s economy.

In reality, there is no significant difference in the cost of building green, as compared to non-green buildings. Even though construction costs have risen dramatically over the past year, the... [more]

sustainable-business iconShades of Green - Understanding Greenwashing
by Megan Brown on 02/11/2010

There are lots of definitions, explanations, polls and evolving research on ‘Greenwashing.’

It is a hot topic of conversation and consumers are getting more involved in the process. So how do you communicate your environmental practices, initiatives and goals more effectively? The... [more]

sustainable-business iconGreen Jobs Hiring: PHP Software Developer
by Heather Philipp on 12/10/2009

Learn more about this exciting software development opportunity with Renewable Choice Energy of Boulder, CO.

Renewable Choice Energy, a nationally-recognized industry leader in sustainability solutions and cleantech products, seeks a full-time PHP Software Developer for a 3+ month contract... [more]

sustainable-business iconGreen Jobs Hiring: Sustainability Consultant
by Heather Philipp on 12/07/2009

Learn more about this exciting sustainability job opportunity with Renewable Choice Energy of Boulder, CO.

Renewable Choice Energy, a nationally-recognized industry leader in clean tech products and services, seeks a full-time Sustainability Consultant to perform and grow our... [more]

green-lifestyle iconYou Can (Dis)count On Us: Deals for Green Tuesday - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 12/01/2009

Exclusive Green Deals - Brought to you by Ideal Bite

You Can (Dis)count On Us - Deals for Green TuesdayThe Bite:Can you depend on us for great deals on holiday gifts? Yep - for the 4th year in a row, we won't let you down.... [more]

green-lifestyle iconGifts that Bite - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 11/30/2009

Giving Animals as Presents - Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Gifts that BiteThe Bite:Can a present leave the wrong kind of mark? It can if you give someone a pet they didn't ask for this holiday season. Instead, make a symbolic... [more]