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green-lifestyle iconColorado's Bill Ritter Tops Green Governors List
by Heather Philipp on 06/24/2009

Greenopia ranks U.S. Governors by environmental initiatives and policies

Yesterday, Greenopia, a leading environmental consumer interest website and blog, released a comprehensive rankingof all 50 United States governors. Part of Greenopia's mission is to keep consumers... [more]

sustainable-business iconRenewable Choice Launches GREEN YOUR EVENT
by Tom Holcomb on 06/24/2009

Want to simply address you and your clients' carbon footprint for events and green meetings?

TRAVEL ALERT! WARNING: Event travel produces carbon dioxide emissions, a major contributor to climate change and, according to the EPA, a hazard to human health. Renewable Choice launches... [more]

green-building iconStricter Building Codes and Green Building
by Matt Kiszka on 06/24/2009

Higher levels of efficiency could be mandated by the federal government, leading to greener codes

Last month, the United States House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES), also known as the... [more]

industry-news iconSupport for Renewable Energy in Western U.S.
by Kevin Maddaford on 06/23/2009

The Obama Administration has announced plans to develop western states’ clean energy potential.

The Western Governors' Association (WGA) held its annual meeting in Park City, Utah, where officials from the Obama Administration signaled strong support for developing... [more]

sustainable-business iconMcCormick Distilling Makes Sustainability Count
by Megan Brown on 06/24/2009

A Renewable Choice client, McCormick Distilling Company has created vodka with a green state of mind by bringing new green practices to the spirits industry through conservation,... [more]

green-building iconLEED Green Power Webinar - June 24
by Megan Brown on 06/18/2009

Renewable Choice is giving a webinar presentation on LEED Green Power - join us June 24!

Ever wanted to know more about the applications of renewable energy and emission reductions within the LEED Certification system and why they are important, but didnt really know... [more]

green-lifestyle iconUnder Cover - From @Idealbite
by Jen Biederman on 06/18/2009

Pool Covers - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Under Cover The Bite: Need money for new ID papers? Pool covers can help - and you won't have to get out your magnifying glass to start saving time and money. The... [more]

green-lifestyle iconCheck Out Our (Ve)guns - From @Idealbite
by Jen Biederman on 06/17/2009

Protein-Rich Foods - Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Check Out Our (Ve)guns The Bite: Afraid your biceps'll shrink away if you start eating less meat? Press those thoughts out of your mind. There are plenty of... [more]