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green-lifestyle iconFlea The Country
by Jen Biederman on 07/16/2009

Nontoxic Flea Repellents - Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Flea the Country The Bite: Wanna extradite fleas from your pad? Your passport to flea freedom: On the heels of a new study that found many flea collars aren't good for pets or people, choose... [more]

sustainable-business iconSustainable Choices Recognized at Spire
by Megan Brown on 07/17/2009

The Spire condominium in downtown Denver is for the eco-minded urban buyer.

Spire, a 42-story condo building is changing the Denver skyline in more ways than one. The height of the building will add to the Denver skyline but the sustainability focus of this building is... [more]

green-lifestyle iconWrap Star - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 07/15/2009

Food Wrap - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Wrap Star The Bite: Wanna drop plastic wrap like it's hot? Mos Def. Instead, pick up a 2Pac of aluminum foil, which is safer for you and the planet. Hip hop hooray. The Benefits:... [more]

sustainable-business iconNew Greenhouse Gas Inventory Service
by Matt Wood on 07/17/2009

Announcing Choice Inventories, our new greenhouse gas inventory service - Webinar July 22nd

We've raised the bar! Announcing Choice Inventories, our new greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and carbon accounting service. Renewable Choice has been a leading national provider... [more]

green-lifestyle iconToning Exercise - From @Idealbite
by Jen Biederman on 07/14/2009

Facial Toners - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Toning Exercise The Bite: Want a skin balancer with some real muscle? No sweat: Try our top facial toner picks, made with planet-friendly ingredients. They'll workout. The... [more]

business-news iconWind Power Jobs in America Video
by Heather Philipp on 07/14/2009

Our friends at the American Wind Energy Association are trying to get the word out about the importance of a National Electricity Standard. The bill has... [more]

industry-news iconWind Energy Empowers Indiana Farmers
by Kevin Maddaford on 07/14/2009

Wind turbines on farmland can provide important income for rural families.

Rural farmers in Indiana can earn money from harvesting something other than just their crops: the wind. Leasing a portion of their land to wind energy developers can... [more]

green-lifestyle iconStick Up - From @IdealBite
by Jen Biederman on 07/13/2009

PFC Chemicals - Green Living Tip Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Stick Up The Bite: Are stealthy chems robbing your health? Never fear - just hold up on using products with perfluorocarbons (PFCs), commonly found in stain guards,... [more]