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industry-news iconDOE Mapping Tool Illustrates Wind Farm Growth
by Ian Law on 04/10/2014

The U.S. Department of Energy recently released an interactive mapping tool highlighting the progression in U.S wind farm development since 1975, further demonstrating the adoption of web-based tools... [more]

sustainable-business iconCDP Supply Chain Reporting Period Opens
by Ian Law on 04/04/2014

April 1st marked the opening of the reporting period for the CDP Supply Chain Program. This gives responding suppliers four months to assess their operations and complete the Questionnaire before... [more]

green-building iconLEED® v4 and Green-e® Climate Certified Carbon Offsets
by Lana Carmichael on 03/31/2014

The recent launch of LEED v4 has brought an evolution of the LEED Credit for Green Power and Carbon Offsets, and Renewable Choice Energy is leading the industry in adapting to the new standards.... [more]

green-lifestyle iconHour for the Earth - 2014
by Ian Law on 03/28/2014

Each day, our growing global society demands more electricity for its operations, a fact that goes largely unnoticed by many of us. Though we expect this seamless service, it leaves us with... [more]

sustainable-business icon2014 Climate Action Resources Announced
by Ian Law on 03/21/2014

Earlier this week the Obama administration launched, an online platform created to raise public awareness of issues related to climate change including flood risk, food... [more]

green-building iconShippensburg University Project Showcases Value of USGBC LEED® Certification System
by Ian Law on 03/13/2014

A recent LEED project at Shippensburg University showcases the collaboration between General Contractor Fortune Johnson Inc. and Renewable Choice Energy, as well as architecture and... [more]

industry-news iconRenewable Choice CEO Quayle Hodek Featured Presenter for EPA Webinar
by Ian Law on 03/10/2014

Renewable Choice’s CEO Quayle Hodek, considered to be a pioneer in the green power market, will be a featured presenter at this week’s EPA webinar on long-term green power... [more]

sustainable-business iconMosaic Labs Announces E-Book for Wal-Mart Sustainability Index
by Ian Law on 03/06/2014

As companies increasingly recognize sustainability as an opportunity for cost reduction, risk mitigation, and industry leadership, the demand for measurable data with which to make... [more]