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green-building iconThe Trend Towards LEED-EB
by Matt Kiszka on 03/24/2009

Move towards certifying Existing Buildings over New Construction

The number of LEED projects certified by the USGBC doubled in 2008, and in 2009 the most significant growth is forecast in the LEED-EB space – which has seen registration for certification... [more]

green-building iconLEED Green Power for KC Convention Center
by Matt Kiszka on 03/26/2009

Kansas City Convention Center Purchases Green Power for LEED Certification

At nearly 400,000 square feet, the Kansas City Convention Center is one of the 10 largest convention center ballrooms in the country. It received a LEED Silver rating from the USGBC, using... [more]

green-building iconWhen to Purchase the LEED Green Power Credit
by Matt Kiszka on 03/27/2009

LEED Green Power Credit can be sought at any stage of a project

Green Power for LEED projects is one credit that can be applied at any stage of a project – as long as energy information is available or can be calculated. The period of energy... [more]

green-building iconAdditional ID Credit for LEED Green Power
by Matt Kiszka on 03/30/2009

LEED Green Power can be doubled for an extra ID Credit

Did you know that under the LEED Green Power Credit EAc6, you can achieve an additional Innovation in Design (ID) Point for exemplary performance by doubling your efforts to offset your... [more]

green-building iconGrowth of Green Building - the Facts
by Matt Kiszka on 04/18/2009

Expansion of green building since 2000

Despite the recent downturn in our economic, construction, and housing markets, sustainability is proving its mettle and standing up to a culture of pessimism. Against all the odds... [more]

green-building iconEnergy Use of U.S. Buildings
by Matt Kiszka on 04/03/2009

Energy use of building in the U.S. - the facts

If somebody asked you what the largest consumer of electricity in the U.S. was, what would be your best guess? Dick Cheney? Flat Screen TVs? Would it be our buildings? According to... [more]

green-lifestyle icon@IdealBite - Legal Herb
by Jen Biederman on 04/10/2009

Garden Week - Brought to you by Ideal Bite

Legal Herb - Garden Week The Bite: Wanna grow herbs worth confiscating? Smokin' - just grow your own at home. We're rounding out Garden Week with a tip for Biters who may not... [more]

green-building iconLEED Green Power for Cuyahoga
by Matt Kiszka on 04/14/2009

Cuyahoga Juvenile Justice Center purchases green power towards LEED certification

In May of 2008, the County of Cuyahoga, Ohio purchased 14,660,000 kWh worth of renewable energy credits (RECs) from Renewable Choice Energy to offset the two-year electricity use... [more]