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Climate Change Naysayer Changes His Tune

Colbert ScreenshotI’ll readily admit it—I’m a Stephen Colbert fan.  The comedian pundit who coined the term “truthiness” offers up pointed political and social commentary with a ridiculous, satirical twist.  I can count on Mr. Colbert to serve up a dish of laughter at my house whenever I’m able to catch his hilarious show.

However, Colbert’s real gift is a sort of emperor’s-new-clothes honesty that allows him to give truth to hard-hitting issues while simultaneously playing the fool.  He recently devoted an episode to the thorny—by some standards—issue of climate change. Colbert interviewed environmentalist, Michael Shellenberger, who spoke poignantly about solutions to our planet’s most pressing energy issues.

The episode also featured a Colbertian analysis of the recent climate change flip-flop by former climate skeptic Richard Muller, who recently wrote a piece for The New York Times declaring his change of heart.  According to Muller’s article, the former climate change naysayer goes on the record saying that, not only is global warming real, but humans are almost entirely the cause.

That’s it, right?  Debate over?  Interestingly, an article published online by Forbes last year suggests that the debate is far from over.  Obviously, we disagree, and so does Colbert.  Watch the show.  His bit on the effects of climate change on temperatures in Australia is telling. 

Even if the meteorological events of the past several years aren’t related to climate change, there are so many other reasons to support efforts to reduce our environmental impact—air quality, natural resource preservation, and domestic energy generation just to name a few.  Let’s not forget that this episode was broadcast just weeks after Beijing’s polluted air made the news again.

Renewable Choice's Amy Haddon

Amy Haddon is Vice President of Communications for Renewable Choice. Follow Amy on Twitter @GetGoingGreen.