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Ogden Publications Adds New Layer of Green

sustainable-business icon by on 06/03/2009

Ogden Moves into Clean Energy with a 100% Offset Commitment.

Utne Magazine coverOgden Publications, publisher of brands such as Mother Earth News, Utne Reader and Natural Home has added to its environmental stewardship initiatives by supporting renewable energy and working on balancing its carbon emissions. It announced its commitment to offset 100% of its electricity use by purchasing 1.2 million kWh of renewable energy credits (RECs). This investment was tallied by figuring out Ogden’s electricity usage for its offices in Kansas and Minnesota and its printing facilities for all 10 publications.

With this new commitment, Odgen is also now a member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. According to the EPA, Ogden is also recognized as the largest 100% commitment by a publisher within its program. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that are avoided with this purchase are similar to taking 158 average passenger vehicles off the road for a year.

As the largest and longest running publisher for the green community, Ogden has an array of green-inspired initiatives such as increasing its energy efficiency, getting an energy audit this spring, updating lighting ballasts, installing tubular skylights and adding insulation to its roof. Ogden has also recieved a number of awards for its environmental practices that include:

  • 2009 SustainPrint Longtime Leader award from Publishing Executive magazine
  • 2009 nominee for Green Dot Awards / Green Magazine category
  • 2008 Environmental Leader award from the inaugural Go Green Expo
  • Member of Green America (formerly Coop America) Business Network. To join, applicants must go through a screening process to determine their commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business practices.

  Learn more about Ogden Publications’ green initiatives.

Megan Brown, Client Relations Manager PERSONALLY SPEAKING

Ogden Publications has a green team that has helped get all departments involved in environmental practices. It provides a forum to suggest ideas and activities that will help the organization continue to go stay on the path of sustainability.  ~ Megan

Megan Brown is the Client Relations Manager for Renewable Choice.