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sustainable-business iconLoews Green Business Supports Local Farmers
by on 03/03/2009

The hospitality industry has been busy working on building out their green programs.

Loews Green BusinessThe hospitality industry has been busy working their green programs. As consumers continue to understand more about the landscape of sustainable alternatives, they are expecting more and asking for more changes. According to Ernst & Young the sustainability concept has started to gain momentum for the hospitality sector. 

The latest announcement comes from Loews Hotel & Resorts who are rolling out their ‘Adopt-A-Farmer’ program within its 17 hotels in the U.S. and Canada. This program is a company-wide initiative that supports partnerships with area farmers, fisherman and independent purveyors. It is setting a strong example of how mandates like this have the opportunity to make a big difference for their business, communities and the mind-set of other organizations. I hope to see some metrics and results from this program so that it continues to grow and evolve. 

The program also includes sourcing organic meat, free-range poultry and promoting native ingredients. In Tucson for instance, Loews has partnered with 12 farming communities and offers a ‘Desert Tasting Menu’.  Its responsible menus is promoting the importance of seasonal foods and respecting the local offering.

To learn more about Loews sustainability initiatives, go to the green policy page on its website.

Client Relations ManagerPERSONALLY SPEAKING

Loews goes into detail on all the local partnerships it has in place but the real story is about listening to its customers, environmentalists and executives and creating a company-wide program that is now integrated with its business model.  ~Megan

 Megan Brown is the Client Relations Manager for Renewable Choice.

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