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Congratulations Lila Makuta - Commuter Challenge Winner

sustainable-business icon by on 09/22/2011

Ever think you'd be rewarded for water tubing to work? At Renewable Choice, any type of alternative transportation is encouraged and celebrated.

Alternative TransportationBeyond helping clients with their sustainability initiatives, Renewable Choice strives to manage and reduce our own carbon footprint. One area where we feel that our employees can make a direct impact is through reducing the impact of their commute. To this end, we have created an internal “Commuter Challenge Series” that includes a seasonal contest over spring, summer and fall that encourages our employees to take alternative transit such as walking, biking, car pooling, taking the bus or riding in on inner tubes (really). The goal is to get 100% participation and to track, measure and improve our performance.

Posted on the wall of our main hallway is the chart for tracking our commuting efforts. It provides a daily reminder for each employee about being conscious of our commuting choices and the respective impact. The visual presence of the chart not only keeps the company focused on the goal of the challenge but fosters a friendly competition in the office as well.

Here’s how it works:
Points are earned for making eco-friendly transportation choices. Each time an employee uses an alternative form of transportation such as biking, walking, carpooling, or mass transit instead of using a single-person vehicle, they receive a point for that day. We also encourage working from home which gets credit for a half point. At the end of each season’s challenge, we announce a winner.

The summer commuter challenge recently wrapped up and the winner was Lila Makuta with a total of 55 points out of 59 possible points. The second place winner was Ryan Meeks with 53.5 points and there was a tie for third place at 51.5 points, for Brian Stanback and Tom Holcomb.

Since the challenge began, employees have logged 1,302 days of alternative transit and we have had 100% participation. With less than 50 employees, we are proud of this result. As of mid-September, we were 15 days into our 43 day fall commuter challenge and already have 74% employee participation.

Regarding tubing to work…  In true character, Boulder has an official “Tube to Work Day” (in addition to the more mainstream Walk and Bike to Work Day). Having our office located on Boulder Creek, we were excited to participate in the event. But alas, the July snowmelt and heavy rains resulting in unusually high runoff, and forced the event to be cancelled.  Maybe next year… 

Written by: Christine G., HR