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Wind Blows Other Alternative Energy Solutions Away

industry-news icon by on 12/26/2008

Wind, Water And Sun Beat Biofuels, Nuclear And Coal For Clean Energy.

The results from the first quantitative, scientific evaluation of energy alternatives are in- wind proves the most promising. According to a study by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford Biofuels, nuclear energy and coal are the worst choices for energy alternatives. His independent study assessed not only the potential each solution has for delivering energy (for electricity or vehicles) but it also took a look at their impacts on health, energy security, water supply, reliability, wildlife, water pollution, space requirements, sustainability, and global warming. Surprisingly, his study revealed that some options despite their positive attention, such as biofuels, are 25 to 1,000 times more polluting than the best available options. "Wind was by far the most promising, Jacobson said, owing to a better-than 99 percent reduction in carbon and air pollution emissions..." But wind isn't the only solution receiving high marks from the study; solar, tidal wave and geothermal power also came out on top. Read more about how biofuels and "clean coal" and aren't so clean (according to the study). And if you're ready to invest in a proven solution; Renewable Choice makes it easy to purchase wind power for your home or business.