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Bundled Carbon Offsets and Renewable Energy Gifts

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Choice Bundles make a great gift for your employees, clients, shareholders, and friends.

Choice Bundles image carbon offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs)We began offering bundled renewable energy credit (REC) and carbon offset (veriefied emission reductions, or VERs) products to our consumer customers and a few select commerical clients in the fall of 2008 with great success. We've since made these bundles available to all our clients. These unique, attractively packaged offsets make perfect gifts to help build stronger relationships with clients, customers, shareholders, and friends while promoting your company's commitment to corporate responsibility.

Choice Bundles are the perfect product for the environmentally conscious individual, student, or family. Each of the three "sizes" bundle a number of offsets that address the environmental impact of average electricity consumption for homes, computers, and cell phones with 100% wind power RECs, as well as the carbon impact of ground and air travel with verified carbon offsets. Each offset bundle comes with laptop and cell phone stickers to help recipients show off their eco gift, too. Here's a look at each Choice Bundle:

Individual Month Offset

bundle carbon offset image: individual from renewable choice




Family Month Offset

carbon offset bundle family from renewable choice image

Carbon Offset Semester

carbon offset bundle student from renewable choice image






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Please note: due to our stringent renewable energy and carbon offset certification standards Choice Bundles are not available for resale opportunities.