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sustainable-business iconAll RECs are Not Created Equal
by Kevin Maddaford on 07/29/2011

Read about 4 things to consider when shopping for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

A renewable energy credit (REC) represents the environmental attributes of one megawatt hour of electricity generated with a renewable resource. This is true of all RECs. Beyond that, however, are a... [more]

sustainable-business iconResponsible Business Practices Matter
by Amy Haddon on 07/21/2011

Read about why socially & environmentally responsible business practices matter (also known as the Triple Bottom Line).

Among those of us who work in sustainability, the Triple Bottom Line is a well known concept.  Recognizing people, planet, and profits as the three pillars of modern organizational success, the... [more]

industry-news iconTakeaways from the Walmart Sustainable Packaging Conference
by Tom Drzewiecki on 07/08/2011

The Walmart Sustainable Packaging Conference took place in Toronto on June 22nd, 2011. Renewable Choice's Tom Drzwiecki shares his takeaways.

400 [more]

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