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green-lifestyle iconThe Energy-Water Nexus: The Linkage of Big Ag, Water Use, and Carbon Emissions
by Mike Mahler on 07/20/2015

  By Jenna Bieller {This is the Second blog in a series on the intersection and interdependence of energy and water} In our first post on the intersection of water and energy, we introduced... [more]

green-lifestyle iconThe Energy-Water Nexus: Renewables May be the Answer to Widespread Drought
by Mike Mahler on 06/29/2015

  By Jenna Bieller {This is the first blog in a series on the intersection and interdependence of energy and water} As global warming heats up, water scarcity is the latest hot topic in... [more]

industry-news iconHow Tesla is Partnering with Jackson Family Wines to Disrupt the Energy Market
by Mike Mahler on 06/23/2015

By Jenna Bieller The world was rocked earlier this spring with Tesla’s announcement that it would begin marketing a stationary energy storage solution to both residential and corporate... [more]

green-lifestyle iconEarth Day 2015: Celebrating Renewables
by Amy Haddon on 04/21/2015

This Earth Day, we invite you to join us in celebrating the explosive growth in renewable energy. When we started Renewable Choice back in 2001, our aspiration was three-fold: an energy... [more]

industry-news iconPresident Obama Ups the Sustainability Ante with a New Executive Order
by Amy Haddon on 03/30/2015

On March 19, 2015, President Obama revoked Executive Order 13514 in favor of a broader, more stringent federal requirement, an Executive Order titled “Planning for Federal... [more]

industry-news iconHow One Texas Town is Upsetting the Fossil Fuel Apple Cart
by Amy Haddon on 03/27/2015

Last week, Georgetown, Texas, population 54,000 and an hour north of Austin, announced that it has entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with solar giant SunEdison for a... [more]

industry-news iconClimate Leadership Conference Highlights Successes
by Mike Mahler on 03/16/2015

At the end of February, I was able to attend the Climate Leadership Conference, a collaborative effort of The Climate Registry, Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO),... [more]

industry-news iconFalling Prices and Tax Incentives Driving Explosive Renewable Growth
by Amy Haddon on 02/23/2015

Within the past two weeks we’ve seen power purchase agreement (PPA) announcements from Google, Apple, Kaiser Permanente, and GM, that, when combined with an earlier... [more]


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