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Business Carbon Calculator

Our Business Carbon Footprint Calculator offers a first-look GHG audit to help you meet your corporate responsibility and sustainability goals. Enter actual or estimated data for those company activities that contribute to your carbon footprint and receive a customized summary report and expert advice. This carbon calculator will help you discover the environmental impact of your company’s:

  • Electricity Usage
  • Natural Gas Consumption
  • Business Travel
  • Employee Commuting
  • Corporate Fleet

Looking for LEED® points? Your LEED project can achieve up to seven points toward LEED certification by purchasing green power (renewable energy credits, or RECs). Our LEED Green Power Calculator makes it easy to understand your options.

Estimate your company's carbon dioxide emissions with Renewable Choice's online CO2 calculator. The carbon calculator allows you to estimate emissions using known or approximate inputs for emissions sources including electricity and natural gas consumption, business travel, employee commuting, and corporate fleet vehicles. Depending on the complexity of your inputs, the CO2 calculator takes five to ten minutes to estimate your company's impact. Once completed, you can view and request a custom summary report illustrating your company's emissions profile and the impact of offsetting these emissions.

Electricity covers purchased energy supply for company operations and facilities. For most companies, purchased electricity is the largest single source of GHG emissions. On-site Heat and Power includes combustion of fuels in company-owned boilers, furnaces or generators, and generation of electricity, steam or heat in company-owned assets.

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