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“Steelcase has worked with Renewable Choice to support its green power initiatives since 2006. They have been a valuable partner in helping our company provide innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to communicate to its stakeholders. Renewable Choice provided Steelcase with outstanding client support throughout our partnership including support of media coverage in the New York Times and other national periodicals, co-development of the White Paper, 'Expanding Green Power: A New Business Model', education efforts at national events such as the USGBC Greenbuild conference, and receipt of awards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.”

— Mary Ellen Mika, Supply Chain Manager, Steelcase, Inc

“Purchasing green power is one way we are working to achieve our goal of reducing our environmental footprint 25% by 2012. Beyond our own initiative, we hope the unique model through which we made this long-term investment in wind power provides a framework for others seeking to invest more directly in clean sources of energy – and provides proof that reducing climate impact can be a sound business decision.”

— Angela Nahikian, Director, Global Environmental Sustainability, Steelcase Inc.

“Renewable Choice has been a valuable partner in addressing our sustainability goals...Renewable Choice demonstrated a breadth and depth of knowledge in the field of carbon accounting and reporting...we have worked with Renewable Choice on multiple long term projects that were being executed simultaneously...their team works together seamlessly.”

— Patrick Moffett, Vice President of International Logistics and Customs Compliance, Audiovox Electronic Corp.

“We couldn't make the best tasting Kettle Brand® Potato Chip if we didn't build our company on the principle of coexisting in harmony with the environment and our communities. In addition to the rooftop solar array on our Salem, Ore. headquarters and the 18 on-site wind turbines at our Beloit, Wis. factory, Kettle Foods offsets 100% of its electricity use with wind power through Renewable Choice.”

— Jim Green, Kettle Foods Brand Ambassador

“They have given us excellent direction that we certainly needed. They have kept us on target and doing business with them truly is a benefit to Crown Prince. I feel that dealing with them would be an asset to any business. They have a wider scope of business then we have used and I plan on looking into this and using them for more of Crown Prince's needs.”

— Jeanmarye Stobaugh, Director of Operations, Crown Prince, Inc.

“We are actively working towards an environmentally sustainable business. The only way to honestly address our carbon footprint was with a greenhouse gas inventory; Renewable Choice, with whom we've worked to offset our electricity with wind power, offered a carbon accounting service that met our needs and fit our budget.”

— Jim Holland, CEO,

“By partnering with Renewable Choice Energy, we are helping to educate our employees and customers on the benefits and long-term value of renewable energy. Our commitment to renewable energy serves as another opportunity for Sloan to lead by example.”

— Chuck Allen, CEO, Sloan Valve

“Renewable Choice is an important addition to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. Thanks to their festival outreach, we have been able to ramp up both awareness and our renewable energy support each year. Renewable Choice helps the festival fulfill its mission not only to entertain, but also to educate.”

— Steve Szymanski, Planet Bluegrass

“Offsetting our environmental impact through the purchase of renewable energy credits is only the first step to being environmentally responsible. We're proud of our employees and shareholders for voluntarily taking the additional measures necessary to reduce our carbon footprint, produce less waste, and renew the resources we've used,”

— Michael Tuteur, CEO and President, Votenet Solutions, Inc.

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“The Beck Group is thrilled to be a participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). While the primary reason to complete it was due to a request from our client and CDP Supply Chain member, AT&T, we found it to be a valuable way to help us quantify and articulate our own sustainability goals, such as meeting the AIA 2030 Challenge. By using Mosaic™, a carbon accounting tool from Renewable Choice, we were able to learn along the way and create more sustainable operations as a result.”

— Betsy Del Monte, Director of Sustainability, The Beck Group

“Our commitment to 100% wind power through Renewable Choice Energy has helped us raise the standard in our industry for what it means to be sustainable. The support of RCE has helped us generate increased interest in our company as well as opened new doors to customers who share our commitment to the environment.”

— Tony Harris, VP Sales & Marketing, Monroe Litho

“Reducing our carbon footprint is an important part of our sustainability program at Hanover Packaging. Renewable Choice made our greenhouse gas inventory process work smoothly and as a result of our efforts in this and other areas we have been recognized as an EPA Climate Leader.”

— Larry Chatzkel, CEO, Hanover Packaging

“We believe that making environmentally responsible corporate decisions is both good for our business and our planet, and is a reflection of the culture of our company. By supporting renewable energy and carbon mitigation projects we are balancing our carbon footprint and leading by example. It is something we believe in even in these tough economic times.”

— Ed Kniep IV, president and COO, Shaughnessy Kniep Hawe

“Renewable choice has made it easy for us to provide Green Power for our clients' projects and our own office. The marketing information they provide to our clients about CO2 reduced and trees planted is an additional benefit! ”

— Scott Kelly, Re:Vision Architecture

“Renewable Choice enabled Whole Foods Market to meet its green power needs, when we made the largest-ever purchase of wind energy credits in North America in 2006, offsetting 100% of the electricity used in all of our stores and offices in the U.S. and Canada through wind energy credits. Renewable Choice has gone to great lengths to help us communicate our wind power commitment to our Team Members, our customers, our investors, and the media. We have been thrilled to work with Renewable Choice as our renewable energy partner.”

— Ashley Hawkins, National Media Relations Coordinator, Whole Foods Market, Choice Program