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For a decade, Renewable Choice has been working with innovators in a wide range of industries to support and improve sustainability. From Fortune 500 to small companies alike, our clients rely on our unique expertise to meet unique and challenging environmental and business goals. The sustainability initiatives of Renewable Choice and our clients have been featured in hundreds of media outlets internationally including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, USA TODAY, and more. Here is a look at some of the key clients we've worked with since our founding in 2001, with just a few of their success stories:


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Easton Case Study

Easton Sports has revolutionized the sporting equipment industry as a designer, developer and manufacturer. While the company began with a specialization in archery, it has expanded into many other sports including baseball ?and hockey.

Innovative Approach

When it decided to launch a snow shoe line in 2007, Easton wanted to differentiate the new product. It hoped to connect this product brand to its corporate environmental responsibility initiatives. Easton chose to work with Renewable Choice to find a creative solution. Together, they decided to offset the manufacturing process of the new product while including a free month of residential wind power for the purchasers as well.
  • Renewable Choice’s experience marketing renewable energy with retail products
  • Renewable Choice designed a tag for each product to communicate the extraordinary benefits


Easton snow shoes are the first product to incorporate an offset that goes beyond the development and manufacturing of the product

Easton Gets Recognized

Easton Artica Backcountry snowshoes win Outside Magazine's 2009 Gear of the Year award.

“Renewable Choice worked with us to develop an innovative approach for offsetting our company, a new snowshoe line and our customers’ power too. Its industry expertise and collaborative outlook made the project move along quickly and easily.”
– Chris Pietrzak, Snowshoe Product Manager, Easton Sports Visit Easton Mountain Products


Whole Foods Case Study


In January 2006, Whole Foods Market announced its commitment to purchase 458,000 megawatt hours of renewable energy credits, enough to offset all of the electricity consumed in its stores, bakehouses, and administrative offices. The company became the first and only Fortune 500 to replace all of its electricity with wind power. Renewable Choice started working with Whole Foods Market in 2003, helping the company execute wind power purchases on the store level and then the regional level before the national action followed. Renewable Choice provided external marketing, internal messaging documents along with in-store demonstrations and training so Whole Foods Market could communicate the value of its action to all its stakeholders, from team members to customers to the media.

  • Wind power announcement was the largest single media story in Whole Foods Market’s history
  • Wind power commitment is now core pillar of Whole Foods Market brand
  • Whole Foods Market named Green Power Partner of the Year by the Environmental Protection AgencyPurchaser

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Performance Bicycle Case Study


Performance Bicycle is the largest specialty cycling retailer in the U.S. Performance has excelled at customer retention with an emphasis on friendly service, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and market-leading price protection plans. In 2006, Performance added environmental stewardship to that strategy by offsetting 100% of the electricity used in its 85 retail stores.

Retail Opportunity

Performance wanted a cost-effective way to communicate with its customers about its environmental initiatives. Performance chose to partner with Renewable Choice and support renewable energy for several reasons:
  • Renewable energy support complimented other brand-building efforts
  • Renewable Choice’s experience supporting retailers
  • Renewable Choice’s residential program that allowed Performance to make value-add offer to customers

  • Created competitive differentiation by offsetting 100% of its electricity usage in all retail store
  • Effectively communicated commitment to 2 million customers a year with in-store signage, end caps and more
  • Offered an easy way to promote its commitment and drive adoption with its customers
“The Renewable Choice team provided invaluable assistance and insight in communicating to our customers the importance and impact of our purchase of renewable energy credits.”
– Bo Peele Performance Bicycle, Marketing
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Gander Mountain Case Study


Gander Mountain is a leading outdoor retailer in the Midwest that caters to hunters and fisherman with over 120 stores. Gander Mountain wanted to purchase renewable energy in order to support its commitment to protecting the outdoors. It chose Renewable Choice for its renewable energy purchase, because of the company’s experience reaching out to purchasers’ customer base. Renewable Choice and Gander Mountain worked closely to tailor messaging for the announcement and the outreach campaign that would fit Gander Mountain’s demographic.

  • Renewable Choice’s press efforts produced strong media reports in targeted regional outlets
  • Politicians publicly embraced Gander Mountain’s action
  • Regional retailer found value in renewable energy purchase

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Steelcase Case Study


Steelcase is an international company with over 13,000 employees and a strong commitment to integrity and doing the right thing for its employees, customers and partners. It is also a company with a long history of supporting the environment through forward-thinking innovative practices. As far back as 1983 Steelcase has won environmental awards and recognition from these initiatives that range from curbing pollutants to being the first company to receive Cradle to Cradle™ certification for the lifecycle of a product.

In 2008, Steelcase expanded its efforts of conserving resources and promoting environmental consciousness by making a first-of-its-kind, long-term commitment to a single U.S. wind farm. It was named 'The Wege Wind Farm' in honor of Peter Wege, a Michigan environmentalist and Steelcase founding member. This landmark commitment included the purchase of all the renewable energy credits (RECs) produced by the farm for at least the first five years of its operation. This unique commitment:

  • Became the largest purchase of renewable energy credits in the office furniture industry
  • Won Steelcase a 2009 Green Power Leadership Award from the EPA
  • Received an article in the New York Times, Denver Business Journal and coverage in over a dozen other media outlets
  • Complemented the company’s mission, sustainability goals and eco-sensitive culture and history
  • Inspired a whitepaper: Expanding Green Power: A New Business Model

View the Wege Wind Farm real-time energy meter
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Monroe Litho Case Study


Monroe Litho is a full-service nationally recognized printer that understands, practices and promotes sustainable printing. It has been a leader in the commercial green printing movement by embracing innovative uses of papers, inks and special green certifications.

Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) was Monroe Litho’s first sustainability milestone and from there the printer continued to make sustainability a core component of its business decisions. In 2006, Monroe Litho committed to supporting wind power and has been offsetting 100% of its electricity use ever since. It also became one of the first 10 printers in the country to be certified by the Sustainable Green Print Partnership (SGP).

In addition to its commitment to wind power and its focus on sustainability, Monroe believed that to be a leader it needed to share its renewable energy commitment with the industry, employees and customers. This communication became a key message throughout its materials and includes wind turbine imagery, commitment details and a ‘GreenStats’ calculator on its website that totals the amount of carbon dioxide it is helping to avoid. Through sales presentations, YouTube videos, conferences and industry events, Monroe Litho discusses its sustainability practices on a daily basis and educates its customers on greener printing options.

  • Attracted new clients
  • Grew 16% last year with growth coming from sustainability initiatives
  • Won environmental awards: 2008 Environmental Leadership Award/Pollution Prevention and the Hugh E. Cumming Environmental Quality Award in 2007
  • Increased its leadership position as an environment leader in the commercial printing industry

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Sloan Valve Company Case Study


Sloan Valve Company is an Illinois-based plumbing equipment manufacturer and a world-leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems. Sloan Valve produces flushometer, the device that controls water flow when one flushes. Always striving to improve water efficiency, the company has a long-standing commitment to green building. When Sloan Valve decided to offset all of the electricity consumption at its central manufacturing facility, it selected Renewable Choice as its provider.

  • Renewable energy fit with Sloan Valve’s message of water efficiency
  • Purchase appealed to privately-held company with a B2B focus
  • Effective marketing action to emphasize company’s leadership and commitment to green building market

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Burt's Bees Case Study


Burt's Bees is a leading manufacturer of natural personal care products. The company is committed to growing its business and taking responsibility for its social and environmental impact on the planet.

In 2007, the company reviewed its environmental footprint and took a number of actions to reduce it. One of them was to support renewable energy by offsetting 100% of its electricity usage.

Employees Join Clean Energy Commitment

Burt's Bees wanted to do more than support renewable energy, it wanted to explain to its employees why it was taking the action and wanted to give them a chance to get involved. Burt's Bees chose to work with Renewable Choice to implement a first-of-its-kind human resource program that educated employees about the corporate purchase and supported employees who chose to offset their home electricity use.

Renewable Choice:
  • Conducted an on-site employee training on renewable energy
  • Assisted the company in creating a program in which the company matched the employee's contribution to renewable energy
  • Provided educational and messaging materials to support administrators

  • 30% of Burt's Bees employees participated in the program
  • Burt's Bees continues to receive positive feedback from its employees on this innovative program
  • The program received national press attention

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