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Mosaic Sustainability


Mosaic Sustainability Logo In operation informally within Renewable Choice since 2008, we're excited to announce the launch of our new subsidiary company, Mosaic Sustainability ( Mosaic works with the most innovative organizations in the world to understand and reduce corporate environmental impact. Using web-based technology and subject-matter expertise, the company develops customized products and services to deliver efficient, effective solutions to the social and environmental responsibility challenges facing organizations today. 

Mosaic Sustainability services include:

Reporting & Disclosure

Mosaic Sustainability simplifies the sustainability measurement and disclosure process and provides carbon accounting, CDP response, and CSR reporting services surrounding corporate emissions .

Strategy Development

Mosaic Sustainability develops customized sustainability solutions to help organizations identify goals, set targets, and achieve those targets related to environmental impact .

Supply Chain Sustainability

Mosaic Sustainability helps brands design and implement global supply chain programs that reduce risks and identify sustainability opportunities.