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Sustainability Resources Library

Let Renewable Choice help you understand and manage your environmental impact and reduce your climate-related risks. Our library of resources cover topics such as supply chain sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions measurement and reporting, renewable energy credits and carbon offsets, and other innovative solutions.

On-Demand Webinars


View Webinar: Green Power Options in Deregulated Markets

Our new on-demand webinar Green Power Options in Deregulated Markets outlines the way that renewable energy is generated, tracked, and traded in North America and discusses the pros and cons of purchasing green power separate from your utilities.

View Webinar: The Essential Elements of Sustainability Scorecards Webinar

Is your business a supplier to large organizations that are rolling out supplier assessments and scorecards? Are you aware of the new wave of sustainability scorecard requirements? Are you prepared for them? Watch this 30-minute webinar to understand why your customers are asking these questions and why these requests are not going away.

View Webinar: How to Use Green Power for USGBC® LEED® Certification

In our on-demand 15-minute webinar How to Use Green Power for USGBC LEED Certification, we eliminate EAc6 confusion and discuss how to improve your LEED certification success with the Green Power Credit. You'll also have access to download our industry quick guide Green Power for LEED Green Building.

View Webinar: Choosing Green Power in Canada

Canadian-based companies have more choices than ever when it comes to buying clean, renewable energy. Our new on-demand webinar, Choosing Green Power in Canada, outlines the way that renewable energy is generated, tracked, and traded in North America and discusses the options for purchasing green power in Canada.

View Webinar: Energy Efficiency Incentives: Save Money, Improve Performance

Businesses everywhere are reducing their operating costs and improving ROI through building retrofits and energy performance investments. What you may not know is that utility companies and the government are willing to cover a significant portion of the expense of retrofit projects - in some cases, more than 50%! Our new 30-minute on-demand webinar, Energy Efficiency Rebates & Incentives, will give you an inside view into the steps necessary to take advantage of these financial rewards.

View Webinar: Creating Opportunity Through Compliance: A Case Study

Whether you are thinking about how to create more transparency with your own supply chain or want to understand how other companies have gained insight and efficiencies, this webinar will provide relevant content to save you time. You'll learn how Tony Angelino, Chief Operating Officer for Cupid Foundation, a leading supplier to Walmart, found that conducting a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory led to many other benefits and opportunities beyond simply being in compliance.

View Webinar: The Power of an Energy Audit

Join us for this powerful webinar on the benefits and steps involved in conducting an energy audit for your business. Key points include how to tell if your business needs an energy audit, what you can expect to save both in terms of emissions and costs as a result of conducting an audit, and the steps involved in the audit itself.

View Webinar: Introduction to RECs

In under 10 minutes, this webinar will remove the mystery and provide a quick introduction to how renewable energy credits (RECs) work. It will also explain how RECs can be a valuable and affordable solution for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and support clean technology.

View Webinar: Greenhouse Gas Inventories

A greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is a comprehensive and documented accounting of all greenhouse gas emissions attributed to an organization’s activities. This webinar will help you understand the benefits and scope of performing a GHG inventory.

View Webinar: USGBC LEED Green Power

View Webinar: CaGBC LEED Green Power

Did you know that all green building projects can achieve up to 7 LEED certification points with green power? In this webinar we'll explain how a LEED project can benefit from the Green Power Credit and how it fits into the Green Building Council's LEED system. We’ll also cover the environmental and financial benefits of reducing the carbon emissions of your LEED project.

White Papers

Download White Paper: Choosing the Right Carbon Offsets for Your Organization

This white paper provides insights into the development and deployment of offsets, the offset project certification process, and how your organization can select the certification that is the best match for your environmental impact goals.

Download White Paper: LEED® v4 and Changes to the Green Power Credit

As a LEED project developer or renewable energy partner, you may already be aware that LEED Green Power Credit changes went in to effect in 2013. However, you may not know how these changes will impact you. Our new white paper LEED v4 and Changes to the Green Power Credit outlines the changes and reviews how they affect both LEED project developers and the renewable energy industry.

Download White Paper: The Benefits of Sustainability: Moving Beyond the Scorecard

Environmentally and socially responsible business practices have the potential to significantly benefit companies while simultaneously satisfying buyer scorecard requirements and maintaining valuable supply chain relationships.

Download White Paper: The Growing Trend of Sustainability Scorecards

Compliance with supplier sustainability scorecards is a growing trend that affects companies at every level of the supply chain. Our white paper on sustainability scorecards provides you with valuable insights gained from our extensive research on supply chain sustainability among market leaders.

Download White Paper: How They Work, Demystifying Carbon Offsets

Download our new white paper, Demystifying Carbon Offsets, for more information on how carbon offsets work and how they can be successfully incorporated into your sustainability strategy. In the white paper, we explore motivations for purchasing, details on measurement, and a breakdown of how to choose a high quality, credible offset.

Download White Paper: The Value of Renewable Energy Credits: A Guide to RECs

A simple and effective way for organizations to be more sustainable is to purchase green power with renewable energy credits (RECs). For more information on how to benefit by purchasing RECs, we invite you to access our white paper The Value of Renewable Energy Credits: A Guide to RECs.

Download White Paper: 5 Steps to Sustainability Success

From baseline and benchmarking, to implementation, evaluation, and communication, a sustainability strategy is an ever-evolving commitment. Read our white paper about five ways to help you along your sustainability journey.

Download White Paper: Expanding Green Power: A New Business Model – About Steelcase

Innovative green power purchases are making a difference and driving change. Learn how our client, Steelcase and their first-of-its-kind commitment that helped expand green power while also getting noticed by the New York Times.

Facts and Insights

View Infographic & Download Report: How Renewables Are Winning

Renewable energy, including wind and solar power, has experienced explosive growth in recent years with no sign of slowing down. View our new infographic, How Renewables are Winning, and download the special report to learn more about this rapid period of renewable energy advancement.

Download Fact Sheet: Did You Know? Carbon Offsets

Major opportunity exists for companies to improve their environmental performance and meet their sustainability goals through the purchase of credible, thirdparty certified carbon offsets. Read our fact sheet to find out more about the types of carbon emissions that exist, how carbon offsets work, and read about carbon offset project types.

View eBook: A Supplier’s Guide to Sustainability Assessments 

Download this eBook to find out why purchasing organizations are using sustainability scorecards, what types of questionnaires are currently in use and why being prepared to respond is a new business reality.

Download The Guide: CDP Quick Guide 

We have pulled together our most popular resources for reporting to CDP’s Supply Chain program and made them available as one free download.

View Infographic: Crossing the Sustainability Chasm

In a recent publication by IBM, 80% of companies surveyed said that sustainability was a top priority for their organization and that energy was one of the most important environmental impacts that companies were working to manage. Check out our infographic and download our success story to learn more about how one company is utilizing energy efficiency and renewables.

Download The Infosheet: Earning LEED® Credits While Selling Back S-RECs

Download our infosheet to learn one way economically viable on-site renewables can be financed, how combining on-site renewables and purchased RECs can meet LEED certification goals, and an easy way to maximize LEED points for the EaC2 and EaC6 credits.

Download The Infosheet: EPA Green Power Partnership Info Sheet

Want to stand out as an environmental leader?  Take your purchase of renewable energy to the next level?  Then the EPA’s Green Power Partnership program is for you! Download our Green Power Partnership infosheet to learn more about this free program and how participation can help you increase the integrity of, resources for, and publicity to promote your green power purchase.  Many leading organizations including Fortune 500 companies, colleges & universities, and municipalities join the Green Power Partnership program.

Download The Infosheet: Making Renewable Energy Part of Your Environmental Commitment

Download our infosheet, Making Renewable Energy Part of Your Environmental Commitment, and  learn how RECs work, where most RECs in the United States originate, and Why RECs are a valuable addition to any organization's sustainability strategy.

Download The Quick Guide: Supplier Sustainability Index Scoring Guide

Suppliers in the first wave of product categories have begun to receive their Sustainability Index scores. At first glance, the score can feel overwhelming.  We’ve developed this Quick Guide to help you interpret—and, most importantly, improve—your Sustainability Index score.

Download The eBook: 6 Important Things We've Learned about Building Sustainability into Your Supply Chain

We've worked with some of the largest retail, electronics, and consumer goods brands in the world and have learned a few things along the way about supply chain sustainability.  In our new eBook we'll share our very best tips for engaging and leveraging your suppliers as a part of your sustainability strategy.

Download The Databook: Renewable Energy Markets—Why Companies are Using RECs

We've gathered a variety of publicly available data on the growth in sustainability and renewable energy and developed a new databook to share with you.  The databook provides a snapshot of current corporate environmental trends and introduces you to some of the reasons U.S. companies are buying green power in the form of renewable energy credits (RECs).

Download The Fact Sheet: Apparel Sustainability Scorecard Fact Sheet

In July 2012, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition released the Higg Index, a comprehensive sustainability scorecard focused on the footwear and apparel industries. To help brands and suppliers understand the new scorecard and how it will impact their business we collected the publicly available information released by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and summarized it in an easy to understand Fact Sheet.

Download The Guides: Supplier Sustainability Index Scoring Guides

We developed Scoring Guides for the Paper Products, Electronics, and Household Cleanser categories to help suppliers quickly understand the way these product categories will be evaluated and scored on the new Walmart Sustainability Index.

Download The FAQ: Supplier Sustainability Index FAQ

It's our goal to keep you abreast of the evolving dynamics of supplier sustainability scorecards.  To that end, we have collected the publicly available information Walmart recently released regarding its new Sustainability Index and summarized it in to an easy-to-understand FAQ.

Download The Brief: The Advantages of Carbon Accounting Software

The selection and implementation of carbon accounting software is a critical decision that your organization may choose to make. To help make the carbon accounting selection process straightforward and effective, we have produced a useful brief that highlights some of the key questions you should be asking vendors and yourself.

Download The Brief: 10 Steps to Conducting GHG Inventories

By following our 10 easy steps, you'll be able to implement a GHG inventory process within your organization, even if you've never before measured your carbon emissions. Learn how to:
-    Choose an accounting methodology
-    Define your operational and organizational boundaries 
-    Collect and analyze your emissions data

Download The Briefcase: Sustainability Briefcase - Part 1

Get on Track with the Sustainability Briefcase Series. This installment of the sustainability briefcase includes:
-   White Paper: The Sustainability Sweet Spot - 5 Steps to Success
-   Webinar: An Introduction to Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) - under 10 minutes
-   Fact Sheet: Carbon Disclosure Project

Download The Briefcase: Sustainability Briefcase - Part 2

This installment of the sustainability briefcase includes:
-   White Paper: Expanding Green Power: A New Business Model – About Steelcase
-   Webinar: Essential Elements of Supply Chain Scorecards
-   Case Study: Pioneer uses GHG tool to improve operational efficiency and improve performance

Download The Briefcase: Sustainability Briefcase - Part 3

This installment of the sustainability briefcase includes:
-  RECs White Paper: How renewable energy credits are valued and why they are helping create change
-  Energy Audit Webinar: What an energy audit entails and why it is a smart way to identify cost-saving opportunities
-  Client Case Study: How a client was able to reduce their carbon footprint, create internal support and get third-party recognition

Download FAQ: How Will EO 13514 Affect You?

Mandates for sustainability are cropping up in all directions, including the Federal government. Download our resources to learn more about EO 13514 and the potential it has to impact your business.

Download PDF: 6 Simple Steps: How to Improve Sustainability on Your Campus

Need help with your sustainability plan for your college or university? Whether you are just kicking off a sustainability program at your college or university or are well on your way - download this PDF and learn best practices and get examples from leading schools.

Download PDF: Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Scorecard Know-How

Buyers are now requesting completion of sustainability scorecards which assess a supplier's environmental footprint. Do you understand these requirements? Download this document to find out what every supplier should know regarding sustainability scorecard requests.

Case Studies

Download Case Study: Bentley University

Download our new success story featuring Renewable Choice client Bentley University. Bentley’s impressive commitments to sustainability have earned them a spot in the Top 50 100% green power users and helped them save more than $100,000 in the past year.

Download Case Study: Johnson Controls Inc.

To learn more about how one company is utilizing energy efficiency and renewables, we invite you to download our success story featuring Renewable Choice client Johnson Controls Inc.

Download Case Study: Crown Prince

Download our case study to learn about Crown Prince’s journey from measurement and disclosure to industry best practice.

Download Case Study: Pioneer Balloon Company

Read how Pioneer Balloon Company realized benefits beyond supplier compliance when they used the services from our Sister Company, Mosaic Sustainability, to conduct a greenhouse gas inventory.

Download Case Study: OCTAL

Our case study features a Renewable Choice client that has embedded sustainable business practices, measurement and analysis, and transparent disclosure into every aspect of their operations.  As a result, they have realized significant growth, and have emerged as an international leader recognized both for sustainability and cutting-edge manufacturing.