Power Purchase Agreements

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PPAs can significantly reduce an organization’s energy costs while meeting renewable energy and carbon reduction commitments.

PPAs are already saving organizations millions of dollars and have added more than 5,000 MW of new wind and solar to the global energy grid.

What PPAs Are

A PPA is a contract to purchase energy between a renewable energy developer and a creditworthy buyer. This long-term commitment helps finance a wind or solar energy project while simultaneously securing a reliable, affordable source of clean energy for the buyer.


First adopted by commercial, industrial, & institutional (C&I) buyers in 2008, PPAs have shown a dramatic increase in market share in the last 3 years, growing from 590 MW in total contracts in 2013 to more than 3000+ MW in 2015.

Listen to friends of Renewable Choice Amazon Web Services talk about how PPAs are helping them meet their renewable energy goals.

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Power Purchase Agreements Save.

Save money. Save the environment. Here’s how they work.


How PPAs Work

PPAs allow buyers to enter into delivery contracts directly with renewable project developers, securing a long-term and predictable source of energy over the life of the PPA (10-20 years).  By hedging against the rising costs of conventional energy, companies are able to considerably reduce their energy costs while stimulating the growth of clean technologies and meeting sustainability commitments and goals.

How PPAs Help

PPAs provide a range of financial and environmental benefits.

  • Renewable Choice clients typically see net positive financial upside in the $10-$100M range.
  • PPAs enable buyers to advance their renewable energy targets, while securing domestic sources of energy production, reducing pollution, and stimulating job growth.
  • PPAs help buyers minimize conventional energy volatility risks, while contributing to a socially responsible brand attractive to stakeholders.
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Renewable Choice is the clear choice for your offsite or onsite PPA.

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Why Renewable Choice

Renewable Choice’s award-winning PPA team brings more than 60 years combined experience in strategic renewable energy acquisition to every transaction. Our leveraged industry relationships with the top wind and solar developers in the country allow us to get the best projects for our clients with the least amount of risk.

We’re experts at building support for renewable energy inside organizations and translating that support into a positive experience–and a signed PPA.  We guide our clients through a customized approval progression to help them navigate the complex PPA process, providing our industry knowledge and expertise at every step.

Our unique advisory services structure allows us to work tirelessly to find our clients the best possible projects with the greatest likelihood of success.

“We are excited to work with [Renewable Choice] as it would take us two years to discover the nuances of the PPA marketplace.”
Senior Energy Manager, Multinational Healthcare Corporation


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