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Monthly Archives: September 2009

30 09, 2009


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28 09, 2009

Walmart WBNR + Guide Thank You

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Thank you for your interest in our webinar, Demystifying the Walmart Sustainability Index: The Energy & Climate Assessment. Please check your email now for the link to your Quick Guide. You will also be receiving an additional email with instructions to join the webinar. You may need to check your junk mail folder and add [...]

25 09, 2009

August Sleuth Challenge Winners

By | 2009-09-25T23:52:04-07:00 September 25th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

The Winners: Congratulations to the August Impact Sleuth Challenge Winners who each won a pair of Native Eyewear Sunglasses: Joyce Voll of Deerfield, IL; Linda Eberle of River Ridge, LA; Louis Spector of Arlington, VA; Elijah Carter of Pahoa, HI; and Elaine Rand of Washington, DC. Congrats and Enjoy!This Month's Challenge: We all know the [...]

25 09, 2009

September Impact Sleuth Challenge

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This Month's Challenge: Saving fresh water is an important action we can take to ensure the survival of our environment and life on earth. You can start by being mindful of every ounce of water you use and what's going down the drain with it. According to this Ideal Bite Tip, how many gallons of [...]

25 09, 2009

September Choice Insight Newsletter

By | 2009-09-25T23:27:17-07:00 September 25th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

It's About YouAs the temperatures keep creeping lower, our thermostats (somehow!) keep creeping higher. The increased use of our heating systems during the winter months means an increase in fossil fuel consumption and also higher energy bills. Considering this, the EPA and Renewable Choice encourage everyone to be more energy efficient. The EPA recommends five [...]

25 09, 2009

Insider Trading – From @IdealBite

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Insider TradingThe Bite:Trashing old electronics seem criminal? Avoid such shady dealings - take advantage of electronics trade-in programs, where you get store credit or cash for your aging computer or TV (which companies will then recycle or refurbish). Helps to be in the know...The Benefits: No sketchy eco-exchanges. About 70% of the toxic garbage in [...]

25 09, 2009

Sustainability Webinar: LEED Green Power Credit

By | 2009-09-25T20:36:21-07:00 September 25th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

In this free sustainability webinar, you'll learn more about using renewable energy and carbon offsets within the USGBC LEED Certification system and why they are important. Learn more about how renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets work and how they can be applied to your list of credits for LEED Green Building Certification. On [...]

25 09, 2009


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Greenhouse Gas Assessment & Carbon Accounting for Business   Greenhouse Gas Inventories from Renewable Choice on Vimeo. Having trouble viewing this video? Above-average load time? View here instead.     NEXT STEPS Contact your area Sales Representative for free one-on-one advising Use our Free Business Carbon Calculator to learn more about your impact Read more [...]

25 09, 2009

GHG Sustainability Video, Greenhouse Gas Inventory

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A greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is a comprehensive and documented accounting of all greenhouse gas emissions attributed to an organization’s activities.  In this free webinar presentation, we will help you understand the scope of performing a GHG inventory as well as the many environmental and budgetary benefits. This webinar will also highlight ways your greenhouse [...]

24 09, 2009

Bed Buddies – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-24T22:55:32-07:00 September 24th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Bed BuddiesThe Bite:Consider yourself a dream lover? Then sparks'll fly when you get between organic cotton covers. If you've already got great sheets, keep 'em. But if you're in the market for new ones, check these picks to find your true romanzzz...The Benefits: Great options, no matter your "type." Whether you're on a budget or [...]

24 09, 2009

Ready for the Walmart Sustainability Index?

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Get a FREE Walmart Sustainability Index Webinar + PDF GuideToday, Walmart discussed their new Sustainability Index via a GreenBiz.com sponsored webcast, Getting Ready for the Sustainability Index.  While many suppliers may feel they have a daunting task ahead of them, today’s speakers, Rand Waddoups of Walmart  and Joel Makower with GreenBiz.com, were able to break [...]

24 09, 2009

Tele-tub-bies – From @IdealBite

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Tele-tub-biesThe Bite:Planning on spending Laa-Laa-lots of time in the hot tub this winter? Then Tinky about ways to make it healthier. Even if you don't have a hot tub, friends and fam who do can make theirs greener and safer by using no chlorine and less energy. Bye, bye.The Benefits: Being less energy Po'. A [...]

24 09, 2009

99 Bottles – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-24T22:37:17-07:00 September 24th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

99 BottlesThe Bite:Want beer so good, you won't wanna pass it around? Just in time for Oktoberfest, we tested not-quite-a-hundred organic beers, so that you don't have to. (The things we do for you...)The Benefits: Eco-friendliness in a bottle. These microbreweries have made a commitment to sustainable agriculture; and organic farming reduces topsoil erosion - [...]

24 09, 2009

Energy Efficiency, Reduce Energy Costs

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Increased global energy demand.  Rising energy prices. Growing concerns about energy reliability.  Climate change.  It’s no wonder that regulatory and voluntary efforts to be more energy efficient by using energy-efficient lighting and other clean technologies are gaining momentum.  As leaders in the industry, Renewable Choice Energy and our partner, Orion Energy Systems, are passionate about [...]

24 09, 2009

Thank You Energy Efficiency Form

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Thank you for requesting a free Energy Assessment. We look forward to contacting you to schedule an appointment and to helping you save money with our innovative energy-efficient lighting systems. We’ve created a number of free online sustainability tools to support your unique business goals. Here’s a few you may find especially helpful: Free Sustainability [...]

23 09, 2009

Financial Services

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Financial institutions are embracing environmental responsibility and are gaining acompetitive advantage while simultaneously contributing to a more sustainable world. One of the single most effective ways for financial institutions to mitigate theirenvironmental impact is by reducing their reliance on power generated by fossil fuels suchas coal and natural gas, which produce greenhouse gases (GHGs), the [...]

23 09, 2009


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Green Meetings and Events with Wind Power & Carbon Offsets The "Green Your Event" Program From Renewable Choice Having trouble viewing this video? Above-average load time? View here instead. NEXT STEPS Contact your area Sales Representative for free one-on-one advising Use our Free Business Carbon Calculator to learn more about your impact Read more about [...]

23 09, 2009

Sustainability Webinar, Green Meeting, Event

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Did you know that most of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with events originates from travel to and from the event?  This free video presentation will explain how, as an event manager or venue, you can reduce these emissions and provide event participants the opportunity to balance their environmental impact as well.This webinar will also [...]

23 09, 2009

Steelcase Inc. Helping Expand Wind Power in the U.S.

By | 2009-09-23T17:24:15-07:00 September 23rd, 2009|Environmental Blog|

In March of 2008, a new milestone was set when Renewable Choice brought together Steelcase and John Deere to develop a new way to finance wind power projects. Since Steelcase's commitment to sponsor a commercial-sized wind farm in Texas, it has learned a great deal and realized more benefits than anticipated. To share its story [...]

22 09, 2009

Top 10 Eco-Friendly Company Logos Listing

By | 2009-09-22T18:11:04-07:00 September 22nd, 2009|Environmental Blog|

This list of eco-friendly corporate logos was put together by Logo Design Works, a logo and website design firm in Ohio. The logos that they picked for its top 10 group were selected based on different strategies with one common underlying result. According to Logo Design Works, the logos that were selected are all visually [...]

21 09, 2009

Little En-Gym that Could – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-21T22:54:48-07:00 September 21st, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Little En-Gym that CouldThe Bite:Colder weather threatening to derail your fitness routine? Stay on track by taking your workout indoors if you need to - just pick a gym chain with healthy, eco-friendly practices. We think you can.The Benefits: A cleaner engine. Eco cleaning products and low-VOC paints mean that when you get your heart [...]

21 09, 2009

Little Black Dress Rehearsal: Apparel Basics Week – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-21T22:48:24-07:00 September 21st, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Little Black Dress Rehearsal: Apparel Basics WeekThe Bite:Wanna look fab on opening night? Let the curtains rise on little black dresses from some of our favorite designers, all of whom use skin-and-planet-friendly materials like organic cotton. Then break a leg.The Benefits: Looking smashing for any audience. The LBD is a classic that's not likely to [...]

18 09, 2009


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Communicating Your Sustainability Initiatives to Engage Customers Having trouble viewing this video? Above-average load time? View here instead. NEXT STEPS Contact your area Sales Representative for free one-on-one advising Use our Free Business Carbon Calculator to learn more about your impact Read more about How Renewable Energy Credits Work View our inventory of other Free [...]

18 09, 2009

Sustainability Webinar, Communicating Green

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Are you looking for ways to best communicate your environmental commitment? This on-demand webinar presentation will spotlight how some of our customers have used announcements to engage their customer base, educate their employees, and highlight their commitment to the media. This video is a great way to learn new ways to talk about your renewable [...]

18 09, 2009


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An Overview of Green Power for LEED & Green Building Green Power & LEED Projects from Renewable Choice on Vimeo. Having trouble viewing this video? Above-average load time? View here instead.   NEXT STEPS Contact your area Sales Representative for free one-on-one advising Use our Free Business Carbon Calculator to learn more about your impact [...]

18 09, 2009

USGBC, LEED Certfication, Webinar, Green Power Credit, Green Building

By | 2009-09-18T17:08:40-07:00 September 18th, 2009|Uncategorized|

The Renewable Choice Green Building Team has helped more than 5,000 projects internationally obtain the Energy & Atmosphere Credit for LEED® certification for up to 6 points with green power. In our free webinar and industry quick guide, we'll show how your LEED project can benefit from the Green Power Credit and how it fits [...]

17 09, 2009

Sneaker Preview: Apparel Basics Week – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-17T20:26:52-07:00 September 17th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Sneaker Preview: Apparel Basics WeekThe Bite:Ready for a peek at the latest eco-sneaks? Check out these new women's styles made from materials like recycled plastic before the general public gets a look...The Benefits: Fresh releases. Get ready to impress anyone who happens to look down. Putting the planet ahead of the game. Recycled plastic, natural [...]

17 09, 2009

Belt It Out: Apparel Basics Week – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-17T19:42:41-07:00 September 17th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Belt It Out: Apparel Basics WeekThe Bite:Want a belt that'll make your outfit sing? Try one made from recycled materials like reclaimed leather that put the fashion back in your fasten, without being too, um, loud.The Benefits: Styles worth shouting about. Believe it: Inner tubes, magazines, and fan belts make for surprisingly chic accessories. Sounding [...]

17 09, 2009

Striptees: Apparel Basics Week – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-17T19:24:24-07:00 September 17th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Striptees: Apparel Basics WeekThe Bite:Want t-shirts you won't want to take off? Bust out in tees made with eco-friendlier materials than your average. Here's your tip:The Benefits: Go-go-ing green. The average cotton T-shirt is only 73% cotton fiber - the rest is chemicals and resins. Not these. Exposing only the finest options. We scoured the [...]

17 09, 2009

Renewable Energy Credits Webinar | Intro to RECs

By | 2009-09-17T17:24:10-07:00 September 17th, 2009|Uncategorized|

Creating an impactful environmental program is easier than you think and makes a big difference. Want to understand more about how renewable energy credits (RECs) can help you make that difference? In under 10 minutes, this webinar will remove the mystery and provide a quick introduction to how renewable energy credits (RECs) work. It will [...]

16 09, 2009

Sustainability Webinar: Greenhouse Gas Inventories

By | 2009-09-16T22:01:41-07:00 September 16th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

You know it's the right thing to do. You know that businesses and their customers are thinking greener every day. Did you know that conducting a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory is easier than you think? Carbon accounting gets demystified in this free sustainability webinar from Renewable Choice Energy. Renewable Choice has been a leading national [...]

16 09, 2009

Steelcase Receives EPA Green Power Award

By | 2009-09-16T17:37:19-07:00 September 16th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

The awards ceremony was on Monday, September 14 at the Renewable Energy Marketing Conference that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The EPA's annual awards recognize the nation's leading green power purchasers and their commitment to helping develop the renewable energy market through voluntary purchases of renewable energy credits (RECs). This award was given out to [...]

15 09, 2009

I Dream of Jean-ie: Apparel Basics Week – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-15T20:58:10-07:00 September 15th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

I Dream of Jean-ie: Apparel Basics WeekThe Bite:Dreaming of a great pair of jeans? Wish granted. The organic jeans we've found are body friendly and didn't require any pesticides to produce - magic.The Benefits: Not wrinkling your nose over pesticides. Organic farms tend to compost, frequently rotate crops, and plant cover crops - maintaining and [...]

15 09, 2009

Whole Foods Market Helps Fund New Wind Farm With RECs

By | 2009-09-15T00:07:35-07:00 September 15th, 2009|News|

Whole Foods Market® Helps Fund New Wind Farm, Makes Landmark Purchase of Wind Energy Credits Top Retail Purchaser of Wind Power Partners with Renewable Choice Energy to support E.ON Climate & Renewables’ Panther Creek Wind Farm, Others AUSTIN, TX (Sept. 15, 2009) — Whole Foods Market (NASDAQ: WFMI) today announced the completion of its 2009 [...]

14 09, 2009

EPA Recognizes Steelcase Inc. Green Power Purchaser of the Year

By | 2009-09-14T18:56:11-07:00 September 14th, 2009|News|

EPA Recognizes Steelcase Inc. With Green Power Leadership Award GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Sept. 14, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Steelcase Inc. (NYSE: SCS) announced today that it has received a 2009 Green Power Leadership Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The annual awards recognize the country's leading green power purchasers for their commitment and [...]

11 09, 2009

Being Nosey – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-11T23:45:41-07:00 September 11th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Being NoseyThe Bite:Is there a stink that's all up in your business? Get away from it all with nontoxic odor killers that do the trick just about every time - we've sniffed out the best options around.The Benefits: Getting away from that ungodly smell. Even nasty fish smells, cigarette taint, and diaper-related stink bombs don't [...]

11 09, 2009

Gnocchi Pokey – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-11T23:37:07-07:00 September 11th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Gnocchi PokeyThe Bite:Want a seasonal recipe so good, you'll wanna dance? Put your whole self in the kitchen and whip up NYC Bite editor Brianne's Sweet Potato Gnocchi recipe (and check out her local, organic recipe blog here). That's what it's all about.Recipe: Sweet Potato GnocchiServes 6Prep time: 1 hourIngredients:(local and organic whenever possible)* 2 [...]

9 09, 2009

Sustainability Webinar: Green Meetings & Events

By | 2009-09-09T18:34:00-07:00 September 9th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Green meetings are fast becoming the norm in today's eco-concious society. You may not know this, but the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions associated with events originates from travel to and from the event.  Did you know you can add renewable energy and carbon offsets to your event planning agenda and reduce its environmental [...]

9 09, 2009

Power & Energy Features Renewable Choice Carbon Accounting

By | 2009-09-09T15:57:42-07:00 September 9th, 2009|News|

Renewable Choice Energy meeting the needs of US business (EXCERPT) by Dean Anderson The national renewable energy retailer, Renewable Choice Energy, are set to launch a new greenhouse gas (GHG) assessment scheme that addresses the carbon accounting needs for medium-sized US businesses... (cont.) More often than not emission inventory services and software are far too [...]

8 09, 2009

Lap Top Dog – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-08T21:59:34-07:00 September 8th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Lap Top DogThe Bite:Want best in show laptop accessories? Mark your territory with gear like cases and trays made from eco-materials.The Benefits: Ensuring a healthy planet for future pups. Way too many computer products are made from carcinogenic PVC, so opt for stuff like highly renewable bamboo, recycled plastic, and fast-growing hemp when you can. [...]

4 09, 2009

Current Legislation Could Reduce Impact of Renewable Energy Purchases

By | 2009-09-04T19:35:10-07:00 September 4th, 2009|News|

Current Climate and Federal Renewable Electricity Standard Legislation Could Reduce Impact of Renewable Energy Purchases Renewable energy leaders concerned that without a set-aside provision, renewable energy purchases would not lower overall greenhouse gas emissions  Washington, D.C. (September 3, 2009) — The Renewable Energy Marketers Association (REMA) today announced their continued concern that the current draft [...]

4 09, 2009

Aye, Here's the Rub – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-04T19:07:39-07:00 September 4th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Aye, Here's the RubThe Bite:To go a little greener with your Labor Day BBQ, or not to go a little greener? That is the question. 'Tis nobler to use organic marinades, rubs, and seasonings so good, once you taste 'em you could shuffle off this mortal coil totally satisfied (well, at least your taste buds [...]

4 09, 2009

Auraria Leads Colorado Universities with Top Wind Power Purchase

By | 2009-09-04T16:06:41-07:00 September 4th, 2009|Environmental Blog|

With Auraria’s increased commitment to renewable energy, it is the largest renewable energy commitment by a college or university in the state of Colorado. And it now boasts a nation-wide ranking of seventh in this category by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s Green Power Partnership program recognizes organizations that are supporting renewable energy [...]

3 09, 2009

Gym Rat – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-03T22:18:24-07:00 September 3rd, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Gym RatThe Bite:Workout wear looking ratty? Hightail it to your gym in eco-style. All these options are made with high-performance fabrics like recycled polyester and spandex blends in flattering designs, so you can avoid entering aerobics class looking like class rodentia.The Benefits: Clothes tough as a rat, but cute as a field mouse. We only [...]

3 09, 2009

UC Denver Auraria Campus Supports Renewable Energy & More

By | 2009-09-03T20:27:25-07:00 September 3rd, 2009|News|

  Auraria Higher Education Center 100% Wind Offset, Tops State List for College Campus Renewable Energy Purchasers; 7th in Nation Student leads effort of sustainability DENVER, CO (September 2, 2009) - A student-backed sustainability initiative has made the Auraria Higher Education Center the top Colorado college campus purchasing renewable energy as ranked by the U.S. [...]

2 09, 2009

During School Special – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-02T22:14:44-07:00 September 2nd, 2009|Environmental Blog|

During School SpecialThe Bite:Is your kid's school cafeteria full of bad clichés? Unhealthy foods shipped in from far away, that is. Farm-to-school lunch programs deliver nutritious, locally grown food, and they're popping up everywhere, so help get your kid's school on board. No overdone acting in sight.The Benefits: Healthy life lessons. Farm-to-school programs increase kids' [...]

2 09, 2009

Green Power, Carbon Offsets, Talbott Hotel & Renewable Choice

By | 2009-09-02T19:10:19-07:00 September 2nd, 2009|News|

Green Power Products Offset Carbon From Afar (Excerpt) by  Kellen M. Henry Aug 27, 2009 Businesses don’t have to bolt solar panels to the roof and pray for sunny skies these days in order to be part of the renewable energy movement.With the genesis of the voluntary green pricing market more than a decade ago, [...]

2 09, 2009

Sustainability Webinar: Marketing Your Environmental Initiatives

By | 2009-09-02T18:11:03-07:00 September 2nd, 2009|Environmental Blog|

If you are one of the many businesses who make sustainability a priority, you should communicate your environmental initiatives to your customers and other stakeholders in the most effective way possible. Studies have shown that businesses who communicate their "green" activities are more likely to get the business of today's discriminating environmentally-conscious consumer. Choice Programs [...]

2 09, 2009

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Program Announcement

By | 2009-09-02T16:16:06-07:00 September 2nd, 2009|News|

Greenhouse Gas Accounting Comes to the Masses Renewable Choice Responds to Needs of Mid-sized U.S. Businesses BOULDER, CO. (September 2, 2009) - Renewable Choice Energy, a national renewable energy retailer known for its award-winning wind power partnerships with Whole Foods Market, Vail Resorts and Steelcase, has launched a new greenhouse gas assessment program to address carbon [...]

1 09, 2009

Green Cross – From @IdealBite

By | 2009-09-01T19:07:35-07:00 September 1st, 2009|Environmental Blog|

Green CrossThe Bite:Need emergency relief? Maybe not now, but when you're prepping just in case, fill your kit full of emergency eco-supplies like a solar flashlight. Clara Barton would approve.The Benefits: (Blood) driving away worries. These tools fit the bill when you're in a bind. Gear transfused with eco-friendliness. Noxious metals in trashed batteries (few [...]

1 09, 2009

July Sleuth Challenge Winners

By | 2009-09-01T18:53:28-07:00 September 1st, 2009|Environmental Blog|

The Winners: Congratulations to the July Impact Sleuth Challenge Winners, who each won a Desert Essence Body Care Kit: Jane Darcovich of Oak Park, IL; Rebecca Lawrence of Arlington, VA; Amy Ito of Lakewood, CO; Jaqueline Watson of Holyoke, MA; and Drew Giffin of Loveland, CO. Congrats and Enjoy!This Month's Challenge: Seeing as the average [...]

1 09, 2009

August Impact Sleuth Challenge

By | 2009-09-01T18:10:20-07:00 September 1st, 2009|Environmental Blog|

This Month's Challenge: We all know the importance of a good pair of sunglasses, especially if you live in a particularly sunny locale. Not only do the right kind of lenses improve visibility in the bright sunshine, but they also protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV and HEV rays. According to this Ideal [...]

1 09, 2009

August Choice Insight Newsletter

By | 2009-09-01T18:02:14-07:00 September 1st, 2009|Environmental Blog|

It's All About You As summer draws to a close, the days are getting a bit shorter and cooler, and we all prepare in some way for the change in seasons. Energy consumption tends to increase during the darker, colder winter months and as such it is doubly important now to remember why supporting renewables [...]