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About Lana Carmichael

Lana leads resource acquisition at Renewable Choice, securing competitively priced and high quality environmental commodities for clients. She is a LEED AP.
4 08, 2016

International EACs: A Fact Check from Trusted Experts

By | 2016-08-09T14:33:57-07:00 August 4th, 2016|Corporate Renewables, International|

Author: Lana Carmichael leads resource acquisition at Renewable Choice, securing high-quality EACs & offsets across the globe. The emergence of new renewable energy products, such as energy attribute certificates (EACs), in countries across the globe is an opportunity corporates are both excited, and cautious about. This sentiment is for good reason. International markets are complex and [...]

31 03, 2014

LEED® v4 and Green-e® Climate Certified Carbon Offsets

By | 2014-03-31T17:23:56-07:00 March 31st, 2014|Environmental Blog|

The recent launch of LEED v4 has brought an evolution of the LEED Credit for Green Power and Carbon Offsets, and Renewable Choice Energy is leading the industry in adapting to the new standards. Renewable Choice, who has provided green power to over 5,000 LEED certified projects, recently became the first company in the Green-e Climate program [...]

3 03, 2014

LEED® v4 Certification Prepares to Roll Out in Canada

By | 2014-03-03T18:22:38-07:00 March 3rd, 2014|Environmental Blog|

The next generation of LEED® certification has arrived, which includes a number of new market sectors, to green building projects in Canada. The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has announced the availability of the newest generation of the LEED rating system, LEEDv4, for projects in Canada. In partnership with its longstanding partner, the U.S. Green [...]

21 08, 2013

LEED® v4 to Debut at Greenbuild Conference

By | 2013-08-21T20:23:37-07:00 August 21st, 2013|Environmental Blog|

With no shortage of controversy, three years and six public comment periods later, USGBC® members voted to approve LEED® v4, clearing the way for its launch at the Greenbuild conference in Philadelphia later this year.  The new version of LEED builds on the changes set forth in LEED 2009, but also focuses on increasing the [...]

7 12, 2012

Greenbuild Conference 2012–Celebrating over 3,500 LEED® projects

By | 2012-12-07T16:37:32-07:00 December 7th, 2012|Environmental Blog|

Greenbuild 2012--the gathering together of 35,000 members from the green building industry for three days of education sessions, renowned speakers, networking events, and a vast exhibition floor with thousands of booths--was in a location that couldn’t have been more perfect: San Francisco. Besides being a wonderfully cosmopolitan environment rich with multi-cultural influences, San Francisco proved [...]

27 06, 2012

LEED Green Certification: Green Power for LEED® Projects

By | 2012-06-27T21:06:08-07:00 June 27th, 2012|Environmental Blog|

The LEED® Energy and Atmosphere Green Power Credit allows a building project to choose renewable energy, offering points toward LEED green certification that significantly reduces a project’s environmental impact. The U.S. Green Building Council® and the Canada Green Building Council’s® various LEED rating systems have placed more and more value on the Green Power Credit [...]

25 04, 2012

LEED® 2012 Proposes to Change Green Power Credit

By | 2012-04-25T20:08:22-07:00 April 25th, 2012|Environmental Blog|

Since the U. S. Green Building Council® (USGBC) launched the LEED® green building program, the program has continuously evolved to increase in scope and stringency.  This year the USGBC proposed LEED 2012, an evolution that builds on LEED 2009 but also focuses on increasing the rigor of the LEED rating system while simultaneously providing measurement [...]