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Being Nosey – From @IdealBite

www.idealbite.comBeing Nosey

The Bite:
Is there a stink that’s all up in your business? Get away from it all with nontoxic odor killers that do the trick just about every time – we’ve sniffed out the best options around.

The Benefits:

  • Getting away from that ungodly smell. Even nasty fish smells, cigarette taint, and diaper-related stink bombs don’t stand a chance – these take care of ’em.
  • Protecting our wet-nosed friends. These deodorizers are safe for pets and wildlife (eventually, every product we use ends up back in nature).
  • Leaving your body alone. They’re better for your health – conventional fresheners contain ingredients such as zinc chloride, which can irritate your eyes and skin.

Want a bigger bite?

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