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Forty Niners – Green Gifts Week Brought to you by Ideal Bite

www.idealbite.comIn a rush to find some precious green gifts?

The Bite
You’re golden if you’ve got our list of nuggets for $20-$49. Pan no more.

Wanna Try?
•    Cuisinart Green Gourmet – three pan options with ceramic nonstick interiors that cook evenly, plus stay-cool handles; made with 70% recycled steel. The active ingredient in Teflon’s a likely carcinogen, so help friends and fam ditch the chem with eco nonstick cookware. Also: grill pans ($25 and up).
•    Pangea Organics Gift Sets – three holiday gift sets with lux lotions and soaps – its white sage bar soap, in particular, has a divine, earthy scent. Organic personal care prods benefit: A) your loved one’s body, which gets to deal with fewer toxic chems; B) the planet, since anything you rub on your body inevitably ends up in nature ($30-$40).
•    GreenDimes – make life less annoying with a continually monitored service that stops junk mail and plants five trees when you sign up for its paid service. GD helps reduce the more than 560 pieces of junk mail each American receives every year – and the tree waste that goes along with that ($20).

Want a bigger bite?

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