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Gifts From the Swear Jar – Green Gifts Brought to you by Ideal Bite

www.idealbite.comOh, $&%* – don’t have the cash for a pricey present?

The Bite
Pool the money from your swear jar, couch cushions, and car’s change tray, and you can still get a wholly Biter-approved something. Get kick@$$ green gifts for under $20.

Wanna Try?

  • All the Better to Kiss You With Lip Balm Set – set of three different-flavored, organic lip balm tins – all made largely from veggie-based essential oils. Way better than sticks containing petrolatum (a petroleum derivative) and parabens, a preservative linked to cancer ($18).
  • ReMake It Recycling Kits – bring on the reusing: Gift a crafty, easy-to-DIY kit for making a trivet with used wine corks, or envelopes from the pages of old magazines; great for kids ($6-$13).
  • Big Dipper Wax Works Ornament Candles – three styles of holiday-appropriate beeswax (not petroleum) candles, nondyed – they smell ever-so-slightly like honey as you burn them. Plus, beeswax candles last longer than conventional wax and produce less soot ($15).

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