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Winner Takes All – Ideal Bite's B.I.G. Awards

www.idealbite.comWho are we betting on?

The Bite

All of the winners of our first annual Big in Green (B.I.G.) Awards, which recognize the companies, products, and services that took a smart gamble and are leading the way in the green space. And now for those we’re most Keno on…

The Benefits

  • Everyday/Living: Smart Car. Compact, futuristic looking cars from the folks at Mercedes – they get more than 40 mpg and make city parking easy (two of ’em will fit in one average parking spot). Why it matters: If 10,000 Biters drive a Smart instead of a conventional car for a year, we’ll save about $13 million on gas.
  • Food: Blue Ocean Institute FishPhone sustainable fish info service. Send a phone text to 30644 with the message FISH in all caps, followed by the type of fish you want to know about, and it’ll fire back sustainability and health info on that species for free. Why it matters: Makes choosing the eco-friendliest fish options at the store or restaurant easier than ever, and if enough of us do it, we’ll go a long way toward making sure seafood’s around for future generations.

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